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S.M.S.L SA400 Latest Bluetooth Power Amplifier Available Now

S.M.S.L SA400 Latest Bluetooth Power Amplifier Available Now

S.M.S.L has just launched its latest high-resolution Bluetooth Power Speaker Amplifier, the S.M.S.L SA400. It is a high-grade power amplifier housing two digital power amp chips, a Japanese NJW1195 high-precision volume adjustment chip, super bass pre-amp output, High-resolution Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity support, and many more features under its sleeve. It is available to purchase from our store with a price tag of 659.99$, you can check out more details here.

SMSL SA400-1


>Two Separate Digital Power Amplifier Chips.

>Japanese NJW1194 High-Precision Electronic Volume Control Chip.

>Super-Bass Pre-AMP Output Support.

>Stable Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity.

>Qualcomm aptX Lossless Wireless Codec Support.

>High-Quality Power Supply.

>Audiophile-Grade High-Quality Components.

>Outstanding Performance With Ultra-Low Distortion.

>Multiple EQ Modes With Separate Frequency Adjustment Option.

>Fully Functional Remote-Control.

>Colorful Display.

>Aluminum Alloy CNC Machined Body.

>Supported Inputs: XLR, RCA, Bluetooth.

>THD+N: 0.003%.

>SNR: 96dB.

>Channel Separation: 94dB.

>Output Power: 230Wx2(4ohm)/110Wx2(8ohm).

>Power Consumption: 50W.

>Size: 210x48x235mm(WxHxD).

>Weight: 1.95Kg.

SMSL SA400-2

Bluetooth Receiver For Your High-Resolution Speakers:-

S.M.S.L SA400 features lag-free Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. It provides excellent sound signal transmission with up to 10 meters of barrier-free space offering a lag-free, stable Bluetooth connection with high-resolution aptX wireless codec support.

Dual Digital Power Amplifier Chips:-

S.M.S.L SA400 uses two separate digital power amplifier chips with an output power rating of 230W per channel at 4 ohms of load. It is a boatload of power, more than enough to power even the demanding speaker setups with ease.

SMSL SA400-3

Sub-Woofer Output:-

S.M.S.L SA400 features a separate sub-woofer pre-output to help you form a powerful 2.1ch audio system. This output is adjustable from -30 to +10dB levels providing you full control over the bass response of your 2.1 system.

Multiple EQ Modes With Custom Option:-

Users can completely utilize the benefit of multiple EQ modes available in the SA400. It also offers independent control over the bass, middle, treble, and sub-woofer settings to precisely control the output via your high-resolution speakers.

High-Precision Volume Control:-

The S.M.S.L SA400 is equipped with the Japanese NJRC high-precision NJW1195 electronic volume control chip. It provides precise volume adjustment with an ultra-low distortion rating of less than 0.0003% only. It also features an NJW1119A low-distortion three-section EQ control chip to ensure the purity of the sound source.

Audiophile-Grade Performance With Audiophile-Grade Components:-

S.M.S.L SA400 features audiophile-grade HiFi components to ensure a high-quality sound performance. The brand has chosen high-quality capacitors, resistors on the audio motherboard for its class-leading performance.

SMSL SA-400-4

High-Quality Power Supply:-

A high-quality audio product always needs a high-quality power supply unit. S.M.S.L has used a professional LLC resonant power supply that is more suitable for power amplifiers. It uses an active PFC circuit and advanced EMI filter network to ensure a high-quality performance with reduced interference from the power grid.

Pricing & Availability:-

The S.M.S.L SA400 Bluetooth Power Amplifier is available in our store with a price tag of 659.99$, order yours today!!

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