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RoseTechnics RT5000 Dual High-End ES9038Pro Integrated DAC & Headphone AMP

RoseTechnics RT5000 Dual High-End ES9038Pro Integrated DAC & Headphone AMP

Founded back in 2015, RoseTechnics has made a good reputation among the audiophiles as a leading brand for premium quality HiFi audio gear. The brand has constantly released several amazing in-ear monitors and portable USB DAC/AMPs that are thoroughly loved by the users worldwide. Today, we are excited to bring you guys something new from the house of RoseTechnics, let’s introduce the all-new RoseTechnics RT5000. The RT5000 is an all-in-one desktop DAC and Headphone amplifier, a single device that can serve you well as a standalone desktop chain. RoseTechnics RT5000 is a premium product bringing in top-quality hardware including Flagship Dual DAC arrangement, Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth chipset, High-Performance Operation Amplifiers, and more. RoseTechnics RT5000 brings a revolutionary sound performance with its artistic and classic design.

Rose Technics RT5000

The RoseTechnics RT5000 is launched officially for 599$, you can order yours with us here.

Rose Technics RT5000 comes equipped with a flagship-level Dual DAC arrangement. It adopts dual ES9038Pro 32-bit DAC chips that provide amazing performance in decoding High-Res PCM and DSD audio signals. The ES9038Pro from ESS Sabre Technologies has HyperStream II architecture offering great sound signal decoding with ultra-low clock jitter performance and seven built-in DAC filters. The RT5000 achieves incredible performance achieving 125dB SNR, -112dB Distortion performance. The resulting output is clean, precise, and accurate with a rich tone thanks to the professional implementation by RoseTechnics. RoseTechnics has featured RT5000 with ten OPA1612 operational amplifiers. Eight OPA1612 are there on the I/V conversion circuit and two on the LPF circuit.

Rose Technics RT5000 1

The RT5000 features dual JRC MUSES01 J-FET headphone amps for powerful output signal amplification. It has an output power rating of 1600mW @ 32Ω through the balanced headphone output and 800mW @ 32Ω through the single-ended output. Prepare to experience a rich and clear sound with a strong bass response, a big soundstage, and a natural tone and timbre. As for easy connectivity with different IEMs and Headphones, the RT5000 houses 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 6.35mm headphone output ports. It also has RCA and XLR line-out options for easy connection with other devices in the audio chain.

Rose Technics RT5000 2

RoseTechnics RT5000 supports multiple input options. Apart from USB, we also have Coaxial, Optical, and Bluetooth Input options. Bluetooth utilizes new-generation Qualcomm’s flagship QCC5125 Bluetooth processor. It provides strong, stable, lag-free Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity supporting high-resolution audio transmission protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, etc. RoseTechnics has crafted the RT5000 with great quality. The device has an artistic build with a solid wood front, metallic chassis and leather top surface.

Rose Technics RT5000 3

RoseTechnics RT5000 is a flagship-grade product that packs an amazing performance in classy and elegant design. It’s a powerful device that will pair nicely with different IEMs and Headphones well. You can order the RT5000 with us priced at just 599$. Know more details here.

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