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RoseTechnics Quiet Sea Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

RoseTechnics Quiet Sea Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

RoseTechnics has just announced a brand new single-dynamic driver IEM, presenting the all-new RoseTechnics Quiet Sea. What makes the Quiet Sea different from the other single DD IEMs in the same price bracket? Well, RoseTechnics has developed a brand-new 10mm dynamic driver unit that provides exceptional sound characteristics with reduced split vibrations resulting in smoother, cleaner sound with low harmonic distortion. The pair has a premium finish with its CNC-machined Zinc Alloy chamber cavities. The tuning has been adjusted by professional acoustic engineers resulting in a truly high-resolution sound which complements different genres of music well!! So what are you waiting for?? Order the Rose Technics Quiet Sea today and dive deeper into the realm of Hi-Res Audio!!

Rose Technics Quiet Sea-1

RoseTechnics Quiet Sea is priced quite attractively at just 49.99$, it is available in two color options and comes standard with a 3.5mm or 4.4mm terminated cable. Check out more details here.

RoseTechnics Quiet Sea restores the true essence of pure high-resolution audio with its specially developed 10mm dual-chambered dynamic driver unit. The driver has a gold-plated brass cavity structure with a standard topology diaphragm for reduced vibrations. The pair achieves excellent clarity with low harmonic distortion and a rich tone all thanks to this specially developed dynamic driver unit. Rose has designed premium-quality CNC machined Zinc Alloy chambers with highly consistent construction, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience for most users out there.

Rose Technics Quiet Sea-2

RoseTechnics Quiet Sea adopts a high-power customized magnetic architecture. The pair produces a strong 1.5T magnetic flux making swifter movement for the diaphragm and also ensuring easy driveability. The pair has been designed and tuned by professional acoustic engineers in the industry. It has been tuned to deliver a smooth and effortless sound with a rich and musical tone.

Rose Technics Quiet Sea-3

RoseTechnics Quiet Sea in-ear monitors come with a high-purity four-strand single-crystal copper cable. The cable is made using premium 5N OCC copper wire cores that provide smooth signal transmission with low internal resistance. This cable has a standard 3.5mm termination that makes the QuietSea compatible with most sources out there. Its high-sensitivity design allows for easy pairing with sources that have a simple 3.5mm headphone output. We also have a 4.4mm terminated variant that users can choose at the time of purchasing. RoseTechnics Quiet Sea is introduced at a very attractive price tag of 49.99$, it is available in two color options and two termination options. Check out more details here.

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