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RoseTechnics QT9 MK3 Premium Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs

RoseTechnics QT9 MK3 Premium Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs

RoseTechnics welcomes 2024 with the latest generation of its flagship in-ear monitors, introducing the all-new RoseTechnics QT9 MK3. The QT9 series by RoseTechnics is widely appreciated for its outstanding performance with a multi-driver hybrid setup. The latest QT9 MK3 features a five-driver hybrid setup on each side housing a 10mm Liquid Crystal Diaphragm Tesla-Grade Dynamic Driver Unit and four high-performance Balanced Armature Driver units. The pair boasts an exquisite design with 7000-series aluminum alloy face covers and 3D-printed ergonomic ear shells. You will get an exciting sound with a comfortable fit on the RoseTechnics QT9 MK3!!

RoseTechnics QT9 MK3-1

The QT9 MK3 is launched for $280.99, it is available in two stunning color options. Know more details here.

RoseTechnics QT9 MK3 comes equipped with a five-driver hybrid setup. They bring the traditional DD+BA driver combination refining the setup for unmatched performance. The set houses a 10mm Tesla-grade dynamic driver promising exceptional sound clarity and resolution combined with four high-performance balanced armature drivers. The DD unit here brings us exceptional bass response. It adopts a Liquid Crystal Diaphragm with a high-power magnetic circuit enabling swift sound reproduction with low distortion. The BA drivers complement the strong bass response of the pair with exceptional clarity. They produce exceptionally clean vocals and lively, detailed instruments. RoseTechnics QT9 MK3 delivers a sound which will be remembered for its ultimate performance.

RoseTechnics QT9 MK3-2

The QT9 MK3 features exquisitely designed and ergonomically crafted ear shells. The pair adopts high-quality 7000-series aluminum alloy face covers connected to 3D-printed medical-grade resin material ear shells. They offer great comfort, proper isolation, and an amazing listening experience for the users. RoseTechnics QT9 MK3 comes with a high-quality 5N OCC single-crystal copper cable. With standard MMCX connectors and 3.5mm single-ended termination, the pair is widely compatible with different sources. The cable is also detachable, so you can easily change it whenever required.

RoseTechnics QT9 MK3-3

RoseTechnics QT9 MK3 is a fresh entry into the multi-driver hybrid flagship series of in-ear monitors by the brand. The pair brings us an exquisite sound experience with amazing wearing comfort. You can get yours for just $280.99, check out more details here.

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