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Ranko Acoustics RIE-1000 Dual Driver Hybrid IEM Released

Ranko Acoustics RIE-1000 Dual Driver Hybrid IEM Released

Ranko Acoustics might be a new name for the earphone industry, but it is a very well-known brand when it comes to high-end audio cables and accessories. At the 5th Annual E&C, They showcased a portable USB Type-C DAC/AMP, Ranko REA-Mini, and a pair of high-fidelity in-ear monitors, Ranko RIE-1000.
The Ranko RIE-1000 is a high-fidelity pair of in-ear monitors that feature a powerful dynamic driver paired with a balanced armature driver unit in a 2-way frequency division for a splendid performance. Grab this awesome pair for just 470$, check out more details on our store here.

Ranko RIE1000-1


>Premium Dual Driver Hybrid configuration.

>Custom-tuned 10mm Dynamic Driver unit.

>High-performance Balanced Armature driver.

>Super-detailed, Deep Bass, and Superb Soundstage.

>Huge range of bundled accessories.

>High-purity OCC Monocrystalline copper+Silver-plated copper hybrid cable.

>Termination: 3.5mm.

>Two-pin 0.78mm connectors.

>Impedance: 28Ω.

>Sensitivity: 121dB.

>Maximum power: 16mW.

>Frequency Response: 5Hz-22kHz.

>Earpiece Weight: 5.3gms.

Premium Dual-Driver Hybrid Configuration:-

The Ranko RIE-1000 is equipped with a premium dual-driver hybrid setup featuring a 10mm custom-tuned Dynamic Driver as a woofer and a balanced armature driver as a tweeter. They are arranged in a two-way frequency division for distortion-free sound output.

Ranko RIE1000-2

Military-Grade Inner Circuitry:-

Ranko Acoustics has carefully chosen the inner circuitry material for maintaining high-fidelity performance. It has a premium OCC cable for internal connections between the drivers and the frequency division components.

Quality Packaging With Lot Of Accessories:-

Ranko RIE1000-3

Since Ranko Acoustics is already known for its high-end accessories, how can they not include them in their premium earphones??? Well, they have bundled the RIE-1000 with almost all the accessories that one might require. Even their latest REA-Mini USB Type-C DAC/AMP is also bundled with the RIE-1000. The package includes REA-Mini USB DAC/AMP, Lightning to USB Type-C connector(for using the REA-Mini and RIE-1000 with iOS devices), Airplane adapter, Ear hooks, Ear tips, USB-A Adapter, Cable organizer, and a high-quality earphone case. You are in for a treat with the RIE-1000!!

Splendid Acoustic Performance:-

Professional acoustic engineers have tuned the RIE-1000 for a super-detailed, quick punchy bass, superb wide soundstage, that complements your music really well. It presents the minutest of the details in your music well, providing a splendid performance for its users.

3D-Printed Ear Shells:-

Ranko RIE1000-4

The RIE-1000 features high-quality Resin material ear shells. They have an ergonomic design and are made using high-precision 3D-printing technology providing a comfortable and firm fit for its users. The pair is available in four different color options, Black, Red, Blue, and a combination of Red & Blue.

High-Purity Audiophile Cable:-

Along with quality accessories, Users will get a high-purity audiophile cable. It features a hybrid configuration with High-purity monocrystalline copper cable mixed with silver-plated copper material. The cable has a 3.5mm termination plug and two-pin 0.78mm connectors.

Pricing & Availability:-

Ranko RIE1000-5

The Ranko Acoustics RIE-1000 is a premium pair of in-ear monitors priced competitively at 470$. With the military-grade circuitry, 3D-printed Resin ear shells, premium Dual Driver config, and so many premium accessories, it sounds a solid bargain for 470$!! It is available at our store here, shipments will begin shortly.

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