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Questyle Introduces M12i and M15i Second-Generation High-Performance Portable DAC/AMPs

Questyle Introduces M12i and M15i Second-Generation High-Performance Portable DAC/AMPs

At the latest CES 2024(Consumer Electronics Show), Questyle has launched two new products in the HiFi audio market. Presenting the all-new Questyle M15i and Questyle M12i. They come as the second-generation products for the highly acclaimed and award-winning M15 and M12 portable USB DAC/AMPs. Both the M12i and M15i are designed with top-quality hardware featuring high-end ESS Sabre DAC chipset, patented CMA amp modules, highly efficient TOREX Power chipset, etc. Take the M12i or M15i with you and experience the magic of true soulful high-resolution audio straight with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other devices with USB output support. Are you ready to experience the magic of Questyle M15i and M12i? Let’s know both of them better.

Questyle M12i:-

The M12i comes as a successor to the highly-acclaimed M12 that came out back in 2021. The M12 was introduced as their entry into the mobile HiFi world offering great sound in your hands. With the M12i Questyle not only brings us improved sonic performance, but also has better aesthetics compared to the OG model. It adopts a high-end ES9281AC DAC chipset that provides exceptional decoding characteristics for high-resolution audio signals. The Questyl M12i is your pocketable high-resolution audio solution!! Questyle M12i is launched officially for $129.99, you can check out more details here.

Questyle M12i-1

Questyle M12i brings noticeable improvements in the design section. Unlike the simple build of the OG M12, the latest M12i features a CNC-machined aluminium alloy frame and transparent front glass panel. The design of the M12i is identical to that of the M15 series just a little sleek and compact. It features Questyle’s patented SiP CMA(current mode amplification module) that provides strong amplification while maintaining ultra-low distortion characteristics. The CMA technology by Questyle is widely appreciated by audiophiles all around the globe. It has ultra-low distortion and extremely high current output capability, easily powering your favourite IEMs and Headphones with ease. Questyle has also featured a TOREX low-power consumption main control chipset on the M12i. It ensures we get consistent performance with low power consumption on the device.

The Questyle M12i features a 3.5mm single-ended output and an adaptable impedance adjustment system. It automatically adjusts the gain setting based on the impedance of the connected IEM. For high-sensitive IEM/Hp, the M12i has a low-gain mode, and when we connect something with an impedance of over 70Ω, it automatically turns the gain to the high-gain mode for stronger output thrust. Questyle M12i marks the new generation of portable USB DAC/AMP from the brand. It’s a device you can carry every day in your pocket, and enjoy your favourite music anytime anywhere you want. get yours today starting at just $129.99.

Questyle M12i-2

Questyle M15i:-

The second launch today is the Questyle M15i, a high-performance portable DAC/AMP based on the award-winning M15. This second-generation DAC/AMP brings us outstanding performance in a handy and compact package. Questyle has featured the ES9281AC DAC chipset along with dual independent SiP Patented CMA(Current Mode Amplification) modules. They work flawlessly together and provide a crystal clear output with distortion as low as 0.0003%. Questyle has upgraded the USB processing on the M15i providing support for high-res 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals.  The Questyle M15i is a complete package, you get to experience true high-resolution audio sound anytime, anywhere!! Questyle M15i is available starting at just $229.99, check out more information here.

Questyle M15i-1

At the very heart of the M15i, we have an ES9281AC DAC chipset. It is combined with dual independent CMA(Current Mode Amplification) modules promising a powerful and clear output. The resulting output on the M15i is not just clean but also has a strong thrust to drive high-power requiring IEMs with ease. It packs dual headphone outputs including a 3.5mm single-ended, and a 4.4mm balanced output port. We also have a dedicated gain switch that allows for manual gain adjustment between low and high gain modes. Questyle M15i also features a TOREX high-efficiency power chipset that provides unprecedented performance with low power consumption from the source device.

Questyle M15i has a charming build quality. The device has a CNC-machined aluminium alloy chassis and a transparent glass front cover. You can enjoy your favourite music anywhere with the Questyle M15i by your side. Simply turn your smartphone, tablet, or laptop into a true Hi-Res audio source. Questyle M15i starts at $229.99, you can get yours here.

Questyle M15i-2

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