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Queen of Audio Gimlet Brand New Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with 10mm LCP Composite Diaphragm

Queen of Audio Gimlet Brand New Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with 10mm LCP Composite Diaphragm

Queen of Audio, commonly referred to as QoA is a sister brand to Kinera. QoA has a habit of designing beautiful-looking in-ear monitors and naming them on Cocktail drinks. Today, QoA has introduced its latest drink to us, the QoA Gimlet. Gimlet is a classic cocktail that has a refreshing taste with a relaxed experience, QoA has taken both of these features for the latest Gimlet. The pair houses a 10mm LCP Diaphragm dynamic driver unit that helps in producing crisp high-resolution sound performance. Gimlet is designed with ultimate beauty, treating your eyes with its beautiful looks in two different color options.

QoA Gimlet-1

QoA Gimlet is launched with an attractive price tag of just 59$, you can check more information here.

Gimlet adopts a custom-developed 10mm dynamic driver unit. It features an LCP composite diaphragm for high-quality sound production. With highly rigid LCP diaphragm coil, powerful magnetic circuitry, and a premium voice coil, the Gimlet achieves quality sound performance with lower distortion in the output signal. Queen of Audio has carefully adjusted the sound tuning for a relaxed, smooth sound response with rich details and clarity. It has been adjusted to complement different genres of music well with its sound capabilities.

QoA Gimlet-2

QoA has a history of designing beautiful IEMs. The latest Gimlet is no different here. The pair is available in two stunning color options, Emerald Green and Pearl White, both of which absolutely beautiful. QoA has treated the set with lightweight, ergonomic ear shells which assure a comfortable wearing experience. QoA Gimlet has got the perfect balance of sparkle and punch in the output signal.

QoA Gimlet-3

The pair includes a high-quality 4N OFC Silver-Plated stock cable. This cable has got standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm single-ended termination. QoA has launched the Gimlet in two very beautiful color options, do have a look at our product page here.

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