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Queen of Audio Aviation: Premium Four-Driver 3 Knowles BA + 1 Custom DD IEMs

Queen of Audio Aviation: Premium Four-Driver 3 Knowles BA + 1 Custom DD IEMs

Queen of Audio, commonly referred to as QoA, is a famous sub-brand to Kinera. The brand has always focused on designing stunningly beautiful in-ear monitors with well-researched driver configurations promising quality listening experience to its users. QoA has come up with a brand new pair of  multi-driver hybrid IEMs, introducing the all-new QoA Aviation. The Aviation brings us the goodness of a four-driver hybrid setup featuring a traditional combination of dynamic and balanced armature drivers working together in complete harmony. Like other products from QoA, the Aviation also has exciting looks with premium hand-painted face covers attached to precisely designed 3D-printed resin shells. Enjoy great quality music with the comfortable wearing experience on the QoA Aviation!!

Queen of Audio Aviation-4

Queen of Audio Aviation is launched officially for 199.99$, available in two striking colour options, Mirage and Galaxy. More details are available here.

As mentioned above, the QoA Aviation packs a four-driver hybrid configuration, a traditional combination of DD and BA drivers. QoA has featured a specially customized 8mm full-frequency dynamic driver unit delivering a lovely sound throughout the frequency band. We have a dual 32873 Knowles Balanced Armature driver for optimum midrange and treble frequency response, and a Knowles 33518 produces a clear, extensive, open ultra-high frequency region. The frequency crossover is designed precisely to produce a clear, crisp, high-resolution output that complements different genres of music well.

Queen of Audio Aviation-3

Aviation is also designed with a sparkling cocktail in mind(just like other products from QoA). The cocktail has a refreshing, sparkling taste, this is well captured by the beauty of the QoA Aviation. The pair is designed with great precision using high-precision 3D printing technology to design the shells of the pair. They are translucent in nature and have a sparkling blue colour tone to them. The driver arrangement inside is clearly visible through these transparent shells. Special professionals have designed beautiful hand-painted face covers for the pair. QoA Aviation is available in two colour options, Galaxy and Mirage. Galaxy takes you on a ride of space with its starry-themed face cover while the Mirage has a cloudy appearance depicting our limitless sky.

Queen of Audio Aviation-1

Queen of Audio bundles the Aviation with a high-purity 5N OCC 4-strand copper cable. This cable is modular with a replaceable termination plug system. We have 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs included in the package. With a universal 2-pin 0.78mm connector system, users can replace the cable with other upgrade cables or Bluetooth cables whenever required.

Queen of Audio Aviation-3

Queen of Audio Aviation is a beautifully designed pair of IEMs that bring a breath of fresh air with their 4-driver hybrid configuration and professional tuning adjustment. The pair delivers an impressive sound with lovely resolution and clarity throughout a wide frequency band. It’s a pair that will be sufficient for your everyday listening. QoA has priced the Aviation quite well at just 199.99$, check out more information here.

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