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QDC UC1 Type-C IEM Cable for QDC IEMs

QDC UC1 Type-C IEM Cable for QDC IEMs

QDC is a premium brand from China. They have an exclusive range of products, especially into the in-ear monitors category. We have ultimate-level products such as the Anole VX, V6, V15, etc. Today, we are excited to bring you something different from their lineup, introducing the all-new QDC UC1. In this era of smartphones where Type-C termination has become a rare sight, Type-C cables and DAC/AMPs are in huge demand. The QDC CU1 is a Type-C terminated cable designed for IEMs with QDC-style 2-pin connectors. The biggest benefit of using QDC UC1 is that it allows you to use your favourite IEMs straight with your smartphones without the need for any extra DAC/AMP required in between!!


QDC UC1 Type-C cable is available for $85.99, you can check out more details and features here.

QDC has designed the UC1 with a built-in DAC chipset. It utilizes a high-performance DAC that decodes for high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz PCM signals and provides an impressive listening experience for the users. QDC UC1 takes your listening experience to a new level with its exceptional decoding characteristics. It is designed specifically for QDC IEMs with QDC two-pin connectors.


The QDC UC1 also has a built-in DSP Amp section. With digital signal processing technology, the cable provides proper and consistent power to drive your IEMs with ease. DSP ensures we get consistent performance with low distortion and clear output. QDC UC1 also features a low-noise microphone. It allows you to use your IEMs for calling, gaming, broadcasting, etc. The cable also has multi-function button control including volume adjustment, media-playback control, etc.


QDC UC1 is a 1.8m long cable made using high-purity 4C  Silver-plated copper mixed material. The cable provides stable sound signal transmission resulting in good sound performance. It’s a brilliantly crafted cable from the house of QDC, especially crafted for people to use their premium QDC IEMs with smartphones or devices featuring USB Type-C output. You can grab the QDC UC1 from our store, it is priced at $85.99, more details are available here.

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