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Open Audio Witch: Beautiful Fairy IEMs With Dual Driver Hybrid Configuration

Open Audio Witch: Beautiful Fairy IEMs With Dual Driver Hybrid Configuration

In-Ear Monitors(IEMs) have a worldwide demand for their high-resolution sonic capabilities, easy drivability, and comfortable wearing experience. Every other day we see new brands debuting in the HiFi audio industry with new and innovative IEMs. Today, Open Audio has entered the international market with their very first IEM, the Open Audio Witch.

Open Audio Witch-1

Well don’t get a wrong idea with the name, the inspiration behind Open Audio Witch is not the evil, cunning as depicted in medieval fairy tales. The pair is designed with the positive image of a witch(Consider them as fairies). Open Audio has designed Witch with a dual-driver configuration featuring one 10mm composite DD and one BA driver. The drivers are arranged in a two-way frequency division with a DD unit responsible for low and mid frequencies, and a BA unit producing mid and high frequencies. Open Audio Witch is launched at an attractive price tag of just 99.99$, quite a competitive segment. Check out more details here.


>Premium Dual-Driver Hybrid Configuration Per Side.

>10mm Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>Custom-tuned Balanced Armature Driver.

>Two-Way Frequency Division.

>Transparent, Full-Bodied Sound.

>Easy To Drive.

>High-Quality Silver Plated Cable.

>Impedance: 20 ohm.

>Frequency range: 10Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>THD+N: <0.5%.

>Cable: 4-Core Silver-Plated Copper Cable.

Open Audio Witch-2

High-Resolution Sound With Premium Dual-Driver Hybrid Setup:-

Open Audio Witch features a premium dual-driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of a custom-developed dynamic driver and a custom-tuned balanced armature driver. Both the drivers ensure the users get a crisp, high-resolution sound with amazing clarity and detail over a wide frequency response range.

Two-Way Frequency Division:-

To ensure high-quality performance with low distortion, both the driver unit are arranged in a two-way physical frequency division arrangement in the Witch. The Dynamic Driver unit produces a quick, punchy, deep lower end with rich mid-frequencies and the BA driver produces high-resolution details in vocals, mid frequencies, and high frequencies.

Open Audio Witch-3

Transparent & Natural Sound:-

Open Audio Witch brings a full-bodied, powerful sound with deep bass, rich midrange, and smooth high-frequency response. It complements different genres with its immersive sound and beautiful, transparent vocals.

Easy To Drive:-

Open Audio Witch is an easy-to-drive pair. Users will be able to enjoy high-resolution music clarity straight off their smartphones without any trouble. It has a low impedance rating of just 20 ohm and high sensitivity of 110dB.

Open Audio Witch-4

Ergonomic Design & Silver-Plated High-Quality Cable:-

Ear cavities here in Open Audio Witch are made after a deep study on a huge data of ear samples for ensuring a comfortable fit for most users. The pair comes bundled with a high-purity silver-plated copper cable with standard 2-pin connectors for easy connectivity. It has a 3.5mm termination plug for universal connectivity.

Price & Availability:-

Open Audio Witch is launched at just 99.99$. It is available to purchase with the HiFiGo store, check out more details here.

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