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Open Audio Witch Pro-3

Open Audio Introduces "Witch Pro": Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Handmade Face Covers

After a successful launch of the Open Audio Mercury five-driver flagship hybrid IEMs, Open Audio has revamped its classic entry-level hybrid pair with its second iteration, meet the all-new Open Audio Witch Pro. It comes as a direct successor to the OG Witch with better drivers, handmade ear shells, improved tuning, and many more new features. The Witch Pro still uses the same 1DD+1BA driver config as the OG Witch, but with improved drivers, you get exciting sound output that brings life to your favorite music!!

Open Audio Witch Pro-1

Open Audio Witch Pro is launched officially for 99$, you can check out more information here.

Witch Pro adopts a classic hybrid configuration consisting of a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. The pair adopts a 9.2mm PU Gasket Soft-Edged dynamic driver unit and a custom-developed balanced armature driver unit. Both the drivers are arranged here in a two-channel frequency division with the dynamic driver producing a crisp, deep-diving lower-end while the balanced armature driver produces clean, high-res midrange & treble performance.

Open Audio Witch Pro-2

Open Audio Witch Pro has got stunning looks and a comfortable design. Actually, each and every single unit of Witch Pro is handmade by a professional team of acoustic engineers. The pair comes in a striking purple color with an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit. . The pair comes with a high-quality 4-core OFC cable with standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm gold-plated termination plug.

Open Audio Witch Pro brings us a wonderful music listening experience with its top-quality drivers, professional crossover design & tuning, and comfortable fit. The pair is available for 99$, you can check more info here.

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