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NICEHCK Releases NX7 MK3 7 Hybrid Driver IEM

NICEHCK Releases NX7 MK3 7 Hybrid Driver IEM

NiceHCK NX7 has been a very successful pair of in-ear monitors from the brand. It offered a brilliant performance with seven driver hybrid setup on each side and the option to change the faceplates and tuning filter as one likes. After the release of NX7, the brand upgraded the pair with NX7 Pro which refined the sound quality. The brand has revamped this successful series with a third-generation this time with NiceHCK NX7 MK3. The latest NiceHCK NX7 MK3 features an upgraded 7 driver setup on each side and all-new beautiful looks. You can still change the faceplate and tuning filters with your pair as per your likings just like in the NX7 Pro. The latest model is available in four different variants starting at 119$ for NX7 MK3 with a 3.5mm single-ended terminated cable and goes up to 135$ for NX7 MK3 with a 3.5mm balanced terminated cable, check out more details here.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-1


>Seven driver hybrid setup on each side.

>4 BA units + 2 CNT Units+ 1 Piezo-electric Ceramics Driver.

>Replaceable face panels, Included in three different colours Red, Black, Blue.

>Replaceable tuning filters.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-Pin connectors.

>Plug Type: 3.5mm/2.5mm Bal/ 4.4mm Bal/3.5mm Bal.

>Impedance: 58Ω.

>Sensitivity(Blue Filter): 107dB/mW.

>Sensitivity(Red Filter): 108dB/mW.

>Sensitivity(Black Filter): 104dB/mW.

>16-Core Copper & SPC Mixed Cable.

High-Resolution Sound Output:-

Equipped with a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side, the NX7 MK3 features a lively and immersive sound quality. The output has a rich, lush feel to it with high-resolution crisp clarity and detailing. The pair features 4 latest upgraded BA units paired with 2 Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic driver units and one high-resolution piezo-electric ceramics driver. It suits all different genres of music and will provide an outstanding music listening experience.

Beautifully Designed with Replaceable Facepanels:-

The latest NiceHCK MK3 features a replaceable face panel design. Users get three pairs of face-angels included in the package, one pair of Red, one pair of Blue, and one pair of Black face panels. Users can put on their favorite colors among these with ease using the screwdriver included in the package. The latest NX7 MK3 has a beautiful and elegant design that makes the pair look very rich.

Professional Tuning with Replaceable Tuning Filters:-

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-2

The NiceHCK NX7 MK3 is tuned professionally by an engineer with over 10 years of audio tuning experience. It also features three different pairs of replaceable sound tuning filters in the package. The Blue filter provides a balanced sound experience, the Red filter makes the sound to be Mid-High focused, and the Black filter provides a richer lower end. Users can choose the filter as per their choice.

Upgraded Accessories and Cable:-

The NiceHCK NX7 MK3 features luxury accessories and a high-quality earphone carry case. The cable included in the package is of very high quality, made up of copper and silver-plated copper mixed hybrid cable with different plug options.

NiceHCK NX7 MK3-3

NiceHCK NX7 MK3 is a very elegant looking pair with a powerful driver setup. The feature of changeable faceplates gives it a plus point for the looks. And also the ability to adjust sound using the tuning filters was already loved in the NX7 Pro we seriously hope the brand has improved that in the latest MK3 model. The pair is available widely and shipments will begin shortly too. Click to know more here.

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