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NICEHCK Introduces F1: Latest Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with 14.2mm Full-Frequency Planar Driver

NICEHCK Introduces F1: Latest Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with 14.2mm Full-Frequency Planar Driver

NiceHCK joins the planar magnetic driver bandwagon with the release of its very latest Nicehck F1 IEMs. It’s not their first Planar IEM actually, back in 2018 they came up with the F3 which got a lot of praise from the community for its quality sound reproduction. The latest F1 is designed with an all-new design, an all-new planar magnetic driver, packing an entirely new experience!! The Nicehck F1 brings you a lively and expressive sound with a comfortable form factor and an attractive price tag.

Nicehck F1-1

Nicehck F1 is launched officially for 194.64$ for the 3.5mm version and 200$ for the 4.4mm balanced cable version. Know more information here.

Nicehck has got years of experience in designing single and multi-driver IEMs. The latest F1 is designed after extensive research on planar magnetic drivers. It comes equipped with a specially developed 14.2mm planar driver that adopts a 2um ultra-thin flat diaphragm, silver-alloy voice coil, and dual-sided N55-based magnetic circuit. It has been carefully tuned for unparalleled sound performance. You get to experience a powerful lower-end, rich vocals, crisp instruments, and a wide soundstage. Overall, experience your favorite music with a whole-new presentation with the F1. Nicehck has featured swappable tuning nozzle filters for easy adjustments to the output. The pair comes with three sets, Gold, Black, and Silver filters. Gold has mid-high enhancing characteristics, Black produces a heavy bass response, and Silver presents the listeners with a balanced sound presentation!!

Nicehck F1-2

Nicehck F1 gets a compact and comfortable design. The shells have a bullet-shaped form factor for easy and comfortable wearing. They are made up of high-quality aluminum alloy material crafted using high-precision 5-axis CNC machining processes. As icing on the cake, you get beautiful, exquisite looks with carbon-fiber face panels. Nicehck bundles the F1 with a high-quality stock cable. It’s a hybrid cable designed with UP-OCC Copper and Silver-Plated hybrid configuration. You can choose between 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced terminations while purchasing. F1 starts close to 195$, check out more information here.

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