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NiceHCK Himalaya Aerospace-Grade Titanium Alloy 10mm Dynamic Driver IEMs

NiceHCK Himalaya Aerospace-Grade Titanium Alloy 10mm Dynamic Driver IEMs

Single Dynamic Driver IEMs have a charm of their own and they are always in demand. People want to listen to nicely implemented single dynamic driver IEMs, brands also know this and they are in regular R&D as to how to improve the technologies and deliver an outstanding sound performance with single dynamic driver IEMs. NiceHCK, a reputed brand in the industry with some solid recent releases like the F1 Pro(Planar IEM), etc. have come up with a brand new single dynamic driver IEM, introducing the all-new NICEHCK Himalaya. What makes the Himalayas stand out in this ever-growing competitive market? Well, for starters, NiceHCK has developed its flagship single DD with aerospace-grade titanium alloy material. The pair not only has a luxurious finish but also benefits from the sonic benefits of the Titanium material ear shells. It’s a beautifully crafted IEM that promises an excellent sonic performance!!

NICEHCK Himalaya-1

NiceHCK Himalaya is launched officially for $329, currently an early bird offer is going on with $30 discount coupon making the pair available for just $299. We have it available on our AliExpress, Amazon Japan, and Amazon US stores as well.

At the core of NiceHCK Himalaya, we have a 10mm dual-magnetic dual-layered CNT diaphragm dynamic driver unit. With its dual-magnetic circuit design, and lightweight and flexible CNT diaphragm, the Himalaya produces an impressive sonic response. NiceHCK has adjusted the tuning of the pair to be rich with powerful bass response, clear with crisp vocals, and detailed with extended treble region. NiceHCK Himalaya also has a replaceable acoustic nozzle design that allows the users to fiddle around the tuning a bit and adjust it to their liking. It comes with three sets of tuning nozzles, Silver for enhanced treble, Blue for enhanced bass, and Golden for a balanced response.

NICEHCK Himalaya-2

The key attraction of the NiceHCK Himalaya is its aerospace-grade titanium alloy ear cavities. The shells are built using a high-precision CNC machining process with aviation-grade titanium alloy material. Titanium is a rare and precious metal which is solid, robust and has lightweight ergonomics as well. It effectively suppresses internal sound signal resonance which results in better sonic performance with the pair. NiceHCK Himalaya has luxurious looks with a textured finish.

NICEHCK Himalaya-3

NiceHCK bundles the Himalaya with a high-purity stock cable. It is a silver-plated OFC(oxygen-free copper) cable with swappable termination plugs. NiceHCK includes 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm plugs in the package. The pair has 0.78mm 2-pin connectors so you can use it with different cables as well.

NICEHCK Himalaya-4

NiceHCK Himalaya is a fantastic new single dynamic driver IEM with specially developed titanium alloy ear cavities. With its customized 10mm dual-magnetic driver, the pair promises a flagship-level sonic performance. You can get the NiceHCK Himalaya for just $329, and currently with its early bird offer, get another 30$ off bringing the price to just $299. Make sure you grab the set before the early bird offer is finished!!

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