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NF Audio NE4 Evolution: Revolutionary New Earphones With Adjustable Frequency Crossover

NF Audio NE4 Evolution: Revolutionary New Earphones With Adjustable Frequency Crossover

We have seen many earphones in the market that support tuning filters in the form of ear nozzles but NF Audio, a well-renowned HiFi earphone brand based in China has done something new today. They have introduced their latest pair of high-resolution IEMs that allows its users to change the frequency crossover between drivers in order to achieve different tuning profiles, meet the all-new NF Audio NE4 Evolution.

NF Audio NE4-1

The NE4 Evolution brings a truly revolutionary change in switching between different sound tunings with an IEM. Usually, we get tuning nozzles with different grills at the mouth, the latest NE4 Evolution brings us different pairs of face covers. These face covers have tech built inside of them that affects the frequency crossovers for the pair. The pair brings us a combination of four high-performance Knowles BA drivers producing a high-resolution crisp sound that complements different genres with its great clarity and detail. The NE4 Evolution is launched at 749$, check out more details here.


>Adjustable sound tuning with replaceable faceplates(Packed with three pairs of faceplates).

>Gold-plated connectors on the faceplates.

>Four high-performance Knowles Balanced Armature drivers.

>Exquisite craftsmanship with 5-axis CNC machined aluminum alloy ear shells.

>Standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

>High-purity silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable.

>Comfortable fit with ergonomic shape.

Technical Specifications:-

>Driver Configuration: 4 Knowles BA driver.

>Sound insulation: 25dB.

>Distortion: <1%.

>Termination plug: 3.5mm.

Pop Faceplate(Red):-

>Frequency Response: 9Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 104dB/mW.

>Impedance: 6Ω.

Reference Faceplate(Black):-

>Frequency Response: 18Hz-22kHz.


>Impedance: 10Ω.

Transparent Faceplate(Blue):-

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-30kHz.

>Sensitivity: 110dB/mW.

>Impedance: 22Ω.

NF Audio NE4-2

Tech Behind:-

Most of the earphones in the market use tuning nozzles to adjust the sound tuning, the NE4 Evolution adopts a revolutionary new way to switch the tuning to one's favor. The frequency divider or frequency crossovers are the core tuning component of multi-driver earphones. Different circuit architectures and parameters enable the driver units to work at different frequencies with different powers and an option to adjust them can bring drastic changes to the sound tuning. NE4 brings the user a way to adjust this crossover with the four drivers with replaceable faceplates.

High-Performance Knowles BA Drivers:-

NF Audio has trusted the widely known Knowles Balanced Armature drivers for their latest earphones. NE4 Evolution has a combination of Knowles 22955+29689+31736(Composite) drivers covering a wide frequency band. NE4 Evolution produces a high-quality sound with great clarity and detail. With different frequency-dividing faceplates, the pair is all ready for different genres of music.

Different Faceplates For Different Crossovers:-

NF Audio NE4 Evolution comes packed with three sets of different face covers, Red, Black, and Blue. All three of these offers changes in the frequency crossover for the drivers in the pair. Red face cover is for Pop music where bass extensions are required to make the output fun and lively. It adopts a three-way frequency division with one BA unit for low, one BA unit for mids and two BA units for high-frequencies. Similarly the Black faceplates for reference sound with a three-way architecture with one BA for ultra-lows, one BA for a full-frequency response, and two BA for high-frequencies. The third Blue filter is for transparent sound with a two-way architecture, one driver for full-frequency response and two for high-frequency drivers. This third filter utilizes only three drivers with the pair. The connectors on the faceplates are sturdy and have a solid build with gold-plating for firm connection.

NF Audio NE4-4

Exquisite Finish With Full Metallic Ear Cavities:-

NF Audio has crafted the ear cavities for NE4 Evolution using 5-axis CNC precision carving processes. They are made using aviation-grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel material. The pair is lightweight and sturdy crafted in an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable fit for its users. Enjoy countless hours of high-resolution music with the NE4 Evolution.

High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable:-

NF Audio ensures you get a premium sound quality experience with the NE 4 Evolution. They pack the pair with a 5N silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable with up to 280 cores. The cable shows low resistance to the audio signal. It has standard 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug.

NF Audio NE4-3

Pricing & Availability:-

NF Audio NE4 Evolution is available to purchase for just 749$. Check out more details here. As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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