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NF Audio NA3 Essentials: Brand New Dual-Cavity Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

NF Audio NA3 Essentials: Brand New Dual-Cavity Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

NF Audio is a well-recognized brand in mainland China. In a small time, the brand has also made a big name in the international market with its premium set of in-ear monitors that come easy on the pocket. The brand has got multiple successful models under its name, and now they have added a brand new single dynamic driver IEM into their catalog, the NF Audio NA3 Essentials. Based on the design theme of “Pixel Monster” a spiritual entity with infinite possibilities, the pair houses a dual-cavity single DD configuration tuned professionally for an authentic high-resolution audio experience. NF Audio NA3 Essentials is a music series IEM designed for audio lovers from all around the globe. The pair is launched officially for just 69.99$, you can check out more details here.

NF Audio NA3 Essentials-1

NF Audio NA3 Essentials benefits from a specially optimized dual-cavity ESC dynamic driver. The pair is professionally tuned for a warm, smooth, lively sound with a spacious presentation. NA3 Essentials belongs to the Music series of IEMs by NF Audio which is designed for pure musical pleasure. The pair complements different genres of music well and delivers outstanding performance with ultimate resolution and clarity. The dynamic driver here adopts a high-quality 5U Polymer Composite diaphragm. It maintains crisp resolution throughout a wide frequency band.


NF Audio has crafted three stunning color options for the NA3 Essentials. The pair is available in Red, Black, and White color options. Each color has got a pixel monster design on its face covers. According to the brand, “Pixel Monster” represents the infinite possibilities of the spiritual world where music is the basic element of building the world. The cavities are made up of high-strength polycarbonate material. They have an ergonomic build promising a comfortable wearing experience for most users.

NF Audio NA3 Essentials-3

Coming towards the packaging part, NF Audio has designed a brand-new gramophone design retail package for the NA3 Essentials. They have bundled the pair with high-quality accessories including an exquisite storage bag, multiple sets of silicone ear tips, a high-quality silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable, etc. The pair packs nothing less than a premium experience in itself. Priced at just 69$, the NF Audio NA3 Essentials looks like a very interesting set of in-ear monitors. Feel free to check out more details here.

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