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NF Audio Announces NM2+ Latest Studio Monitors

NF Audio Announces NM2+ Latest Studio Monitors

Earlier this year NF Audio released its latest series of monitoring in-ear monitors with the NF Audio NM2. They grabbed a lot of attention for their sonic qualities at a budget price tag. Now the brand has upgraded the NM2 and is releasing its latest pair, the NF Audio NM2+. Unlike the transparent plastic ear shells of the NM2 the latest NM2+ features premium ears hells made with 5-axis CNC technology using aeronautical grade aluminum shells. These latest studio monitors not only look beautiful in fact they have an improved sound quality with double cavity dynamic driver unit. It is priced at 169$, you can check out more details here.

NF Audio NM2-1


>Double cavity dynamic driver unit.

>5-Axis CNC technology carved earpieces.

>Aeronautical grade aluminum earpiece material.

>Stage monitoring sound tuning.

>Impedance: 18Ω.

>Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz.


>Distortion: <1%.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>High-quality 5N silver-coated OFC cable.

Well-Built With Premium-Grade Material:-

NF Audio NM2-2

The NF Audio NM2+ excels in build quality with its rich and premium build. The ear shells are made with high precision 5-Axis CNC carving technology using high-quality aeronautical-grade aluminum material. The 5-axis CNC technology compared to the standard die casting technology is costlier, has better precision, more stable quality control, and better texture. This technology is usually used in aerospace, aviation, military, and other high-precision industries.

Stage Level Performer At Budget Price:-

The NF Audio NM2+ sonic output improves over the highly acclaimed stage monitor the NM2 from the brand. It is equipped with an upgraded dual magnetic circuit with a double cavity designed dynamic driver unit on each side. Usually, dynamic driver units have a single cavity design, but with the double cavity design here in the NM2+, the air pressure for the diaphragm is maintained properly allowing the coil to move freely. This provides a crisp clear sound clarity with a good wide sound stage.

Sound Quality To Suit All Different Genres:-

The NF Audio NM2+ has a naturally balanced tonality with natural timbre and high-resolution clarity. It suits all the different genres of music really well and complements your music library. The natural tonality makes it an adequate choice for different genres of music one might enjoy. It also features a wide frequency response range of 10Hz-40kHz ensuring the user gets good extensions at both ends.

Ergonomically Designed For A Firm Fit:-

The earpieces in the NF Audio NM2+ are very lightweight and sturdy with an ergonomic design. It provides a firm and comfortable fit for the users sealing the entire ear canal.

Easy To Drive:-

The NF Audio NM2+ has a really low impedance rating of just 18 ohms. It is a fairly sensitive pair of in-ear monitors and can be powered really easily. Users can enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere with their smartphones without the need for any expensive gears.

NF Audio NM2-3

We loved the NF Audio NM2 when it came out earlier this year. It was a brilliant performer at a very pocket-friendly price. The upgraded build quality, looks, and the sonic performance really make us excited about the NM2+. This latest pair is just priced at 169$ which is pretty inexpensive when it comes to audio gears. You can check out more details here.

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