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Muse HiFi Introduces M3 II Brand New USB DAC/AMP With Dual CS43131 DACs

Muse HiFi Introduces M3 II Brand New USB DAC/AMP With Dual CS43131 DACs

Muse HiFi is a relatively new name in the HiFi audio industry. The brand has an extensive team of professional acoustic engineers that have designed several successful models in the Portable USB DAC/AMP category. Today, we are launching their brand new flagship-level Portable USB DAC/AMP, the Muse HiFi M3 II. Back in 2022, Muse HiFi released the OG M3 with a premium ESS Sabre DAC chipset. M3 II has got a completely overhauled design with a new-generation dual DAC chipset, Muse Space Sound Enhancement Mode, Exclusive DSD Mode, and many more advanced features. The Muse HiFi M3 II brings noticeable performance improvements with almost 0 noise floor, low distortion, and unmatched clarity. It instantly elevates the quality of music our smartphones, Laptops, and PCs provide!!

Muse HiFi M3 II-1

Muse HiFi M3 II is launched officially for 169$, you can check out more information over here. Also available on our Aliexpress and Amazon US stores.

The M3 II brings impeccable sound performance with professionally designed acoustic architecture. The DAC/AMP houses a premium dual DAC arrangement with dual CS43131 DAC chips implemented independently for each channel. This creates the perfect four-channel audio signal decoding setup that provides crisp performance while decoding high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signals. It supports up to 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals. The M3 II features two SIP amplification modules paired with several high-quality LDOs and dual femtosecond crystal oscillators for improved SNR and DNR performance. Muse HiFi M3 II features an exclusively designed Muse Space mode that enhances the soundscape making it an ideal choice for grande musical presentations, movies, and esports gaming.

Muse HiFi M3 II-2

Muse HiFI M3 II has got enchanting looks, the outer shell has a shiny silver finish with properly carved curves that give it a premium in-hand feel. It supports both single-ended as well as balanced headphones with its 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone ports. The M3 II with its two SIP amplification modules provides strong amplification with automatic high-gain mode switching. You also get physical volume keys as well as an RGB indicator that indicates active working status. White light means the device is turned on, Green means playback, and Red is there for high-gain mode.

Muse HiFi M3 II features a powerful TOREX power management system. It benefits the low-power consumption design of the CS43131 DAC chipset and provides users with uninterrupted performance for long hours of usage. M3 II is compatible with different devices including Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. It has detachable cable design with high-quality silver-plated single-crystal copper and single-crystal copper Type-C connector cable. This cable is specially crafted to protect the sound signal from external interferences and provide efficient sound signal transmission.

Muse HiFi M3 II-3

Muse HiFi M3 II is a premium performing Portable USB DAC/AMP. It is suitable for different use scenarios and provide an impressive sound performance. Muse Space mode makes this a perfect companion for gaming and movies!! The Muse HiFi M3 II is launched officially for 169$, more information is available here.

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