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Moondrop Venus: All-New Full-Size Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones

Moondrop Venus: All-New Full-Size Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones

Planar Magnetic Drivers are widely used in full-sized over-ear headphones. They deliver high-speed quality performance with ultra-low distortion in the output signal. Moondrop has joined hands with the Planar magnetic team, Bringing us the all-new Moondrop Venus. Venus is a brand-new flagship-grade full-sized over-ear headphones designed with top-quality components for premium sound performance. Moondrop has carefully designed the Venus and tuned it to cater to the requirements of most users!!

Moondrop Venus-1

Venus is launched officially for 599.99$, you can check out more information here.

Moondrop Venus houses a large self-developed planar magnetic driver unit. The driver adopts a 100mm ultra-thin sub-nanometer diaphragm coil etched with pure-silver audio circuitry. It is supported by a professionally designed N52 magnetic array.  The headphones feature an array of 18 units of N52 high-performance magnets on each side. It has been optimized thoroughly with the help of FEA Finite Element Analysis technology. With the help of this FEA technology, the magnetic field is evenly distributed for the diaphragm. This further reduces split vibrations promising quality performance for the users.

Moondrop Venus-2

Moondrop has designed the all-new Venus planar magnetic driver headphones with a unique combined high-frequency waveguide structure. It effectively reduces the phase interference of the pair and helps it to produce a clean sound with lower sibilance and lower distortion ratings. Venus has been tuned in line with HRTF(Head Related Transfer Function), frequency curve. It helps maintain a clean and accurate sound output. Moondrop Venus gets an ultra-low distortion rating of less than 0.05%.

Moondrop Venus-3

Moondrop Venus has a detachable cable system. It adopts dual 3.5mm connectors for easy replacement of the cable. The package of Moondrop Venus includes a 3.5mm standard single-ended cable and another 4.4mm balanced cable. The 4.4mm one is of higher quality!! Moondrop Venus with its full-sized Planar driver promises quality sound with lower distortion and ultimate clarity. Its official launch price is set at 599.99$, you can check out more information on our product page here.

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