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Moondrop SSR To Be Revised On The Basis Of Consumer Reviews

Moondrop SSR To Be Updated On The Basis Of Consumer Reviews

Moondrop released its latest entry-level pair of in-ear monitors, the Moondrop SSR(Super Spaceship Reference) last month. The Moondrop SSR came as an update to the Moondrop Spaceship with a better build, and better sound output at a similar price point. Though after some constructive reviews from the audiophiles, the brand from a Facebook post has announced that they are going to stop the sale of the SSR and released a new revamped version with some minor tweaks here and there.

Moondrop SSR-1

Moondrop SSR:-

Moondrop SSR is a single dynamic driver IEM with beautiful unique look. They designed a special shell for the SSR with lightweight aesthetics and artistic looks. The pair provides a comfortable and firm fit sealing the entire ear canal. It is a neutral sounding pair with a single dynamic driver(Beryllium Coated Dome) unit on each side.

Technical Specs of Moondrop SSR:-

>Frequency Range: 20Hz–20000Hz (IEC60318-4) / 20Hz–40000Hz (1/4 Free-Field Mic).
>Diaphragm: Beryllium-Coated Dome + PU suspension ring.
>Housing material: Liquid metal alloy.
>THD: ≤ 1%.
>Cable: 24 AWG Litz 4N OFC.
>Cable connectors: 0.78 2-pin.
>Sensitivity: 115dB/Vrms (@1khz).
>Impedance: 16Ω (@1khz).
>Coil: φ 0.035mm-CCAW [Daikoku].
>Acoustic Filter: Patented Anti-Blocking Filter.

Moondrop SSR-2

The pair got released on 15th of June 2020, for a price of 39.99$ and it was welcomed well with the audiophiles. Moondrop already has a very good reputation among the audiophiles for their Harman-tuned pair of in-ear monitors starting for as low as 109$ with the Moondrop Starfield. The Moondrop SSR is tuned based on the diffuse field sound target. It has a neutral tuning with powerful bass, crisp mids, and well-extended highs. They performed exceptionally well for their price and offered great value for money.

Moondrop SSR-3

Moondrop has a brilliant reputation for being active with the audio community at Head-fi, Facebook, and various other forums. They have listened to all the suggestions given to them by the early users, and now they have announced that they are stopping the sale of Moondrop SSR. They are planning to revamp the pair and bring it in a whole new avatar rectifying all tweaks suggested by the community. We are eagerly waiting for them to release it again in a new, better avatar, and provide the users with an outstanding music experience at pocket-friendly price.

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