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Moondrop Solis2 Brand New Flagship 2DD+2BA+4EST Tribrid IEMs

Moondrop Solis2 Brand New Flagship 2DD+2BA+4EST Tribrid IEMs

Moondrop has released a successor to its multi-driver flagship IEMs, introducing the all-new Moondrop Solis 2. Moodrop Solis 2 is a flagship-grade tribrid IEM designed with dual Dynamic Drivers, dual Balanced Armature Drivers, and Four Electrostatic Drivers. It is a huge upgrade over the 4BA+2EST configuration of the OG Solis that came out a few years back. Moondrop over the years has released many successful models. It is a while since they released a flagship, and they have come back with a huge announcement with the Solis 2. The pair has been completely redesigned with Jewellery-grade craftsmanship featuring handmade Silver cavities. Break the barriers of traditional sound exploration and experience enriching sound with the all-new Moondrop Solis 2!!

Moondrop Solis 2-1

Moondrop Solis 2 is launched officially for 2699$, you can check out more information about the Solis 2 here.

The Solis2 is an ultimately crafted pure flagship-grade pair of in-ear monitors. The whole housing of Solis2 is crafted using high-purity 925 silver material. It has a feather-like textured finish carved by efficient jewelers. The pair also has a logo of the Golden Sun Bird, a national treasure symbol of the ancient Chu civilization. It is hand-soldered on the faceplates using pure 24k gold and silver plating. The Moondrop Solis2 showcases the outstanding craftsmanship of the brand in designing an exquisite set!!

Moondrop Solis 2-2

Coming on to the sound part, Moondrop has equipped the Solis2 with a premium multi-driver tribrid setup. The pair houses a combination of dual dynamic drivers, dual balanced armature drivers, and four electrostatic drivers on each side. It achieves outstanding sound reproduction with excellent mid-bass density and overall high-resolution clarity. It has Moondrop’s newly developed H.O.D.D.D.U.S(Horizontally opposed dual dynamic drivers unit system), They have equipped two dynamic drivers in parallel for a strong bass section. The dual BA drivers here are featured to reinforce a lovely midrange and crispy treble region. The four Sonion ESTS drivers are there to retrieve exceptional details in the treble region. Solid2 provides an impressive listening experience with unmatched clarity, rich timbre, and powerful detail retrieval, a true flagship IEM in every sense!!

Moondrop Solis 2-3

Moondrop has designed the pair with a highly-consistent full-band phase. Supported by Moondrop’s impeccable acoustic R&D team and years of expertise in designing premium IEMs, Moondrop has achieved a highly-consistent full-band phase. Each driver works coherently with each other and delivers a fully coherent sound output. Moondrop Solis2 comes packed with Moondrop’s latest “PURE6” cable. Moondrop Pure6 cable is crafted using high-quality chip-grade copper material. The pair adopts universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. The Pure6 cable has standard 3.5mm termination.

Moondrop Solis 2-4

Moondrop Solis2 is an IEM designed especially for enthusiasts who want top-quality sound performance with no compromise in performance. It is launched officially for 2699$, feel free to check out more information over here.

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