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Moondrop Shirokawa IEM Upgrade Cable Available Now

Moondrop Shirokawa IEM Upgrade Cable Available Now

Moondrop is one of the leading manufacturers of HiFi audio gears specializing in a premium range of In-Ear Monitors. They have just launched their latest IEM upgrade cable, the Moondrop Shirokawa. It is a premium upgrade cable that effectively enhances the performance of your HiFi IEMs and brings the best audio performance out of them. It consists of 315 cores of 6N monocrystalline silver-plated copper wires in the shielding layer while the coaxial inner core is made with 12 cores of 4N pure silver palladium-plated and 7 cores of monocrystalline gold-plated copper wires. While the connector option with Shirokawa is limited with 2-pin 0.78mm only, users can choose between three different termination plug options while ordering. It is available with 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced options, and a 3.5mm single-ended termination option. Moondrop Shirokawa can serve as a high-tech upgrade cable to your HiFi In-Ear Monitors enhancing their power with its high-purity material cores. It is available to purchase from our store with a price tag of 349.99$. You can check out more details here.

Moondrop Shirokawa-1

Moondrop Shirokawa-2

Moondrop Shirokawa-3

Moondrop Shirokawa-4

Moondrop Shirokawa-5


Product name: SHIROKAWA Gold- Silver -Palladium Upgraded Cable.

Series: MOONDROP Selected Cable.

Specification: 315cores 6N single-crystal copper silver-plating (10um) in shielding layer (cathodal).

Coaxial inner core: 12 core 4N pure silver palladium plated + 7 core single crystal copper plated gold.

Connector Type: Micro 0.78mm 2pin connectors.

Termination Plug Options:

3.5mm single-ended plug.

2.5mm balanced plug.

4.4mm balanced plug.

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