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Moondrop Quarks: Latest Single DD Entry-Level IEM For You

Moondrop Quarks: Latest Single DD Entry-Level IEM For You

Moondrop has just introduced the latest single-Dynamic IEM, the all-new Moondrop Quarks. It is going to be their latest entry-level pair packed with powerful sonic performance. Quarks has a fully enclosed front cavity design that provides excellent isolation for users even in noisy environments. The pair is equipped with a composite polymer diaphragm dynamic driver unit with a powerful N52 external magnet and an imported CCAW coil. Moondrop has tuned the Quarks to provide a very good frequency response following the HRTF(Head Related Transfer Function) frequency curve, bringing a natural and open sound for the users. The tuning is finalized after two years of repeated adjustments in order to achieve their desired sound. Moondrop Quarks is available for just 12.99$, check out more details here.

Moondrop Quarks-1


>6mm Dynamic Driver with external N52 magnetic architecture.

>Imported CCAW voice coil.

>Natural, Neutral tonality with high-resolution clarity.

>Fully enclosed front cavity design.

>Cut down on external noise with great levels of noise isolation.

>HRTF following frequency curve.

>Patented sound damping structure.

>Compact, Bullet-style industrial design.

>Driver size: 6mm micro dynamic driver.

>Frequency Response: 4Hz-43kHz(IEC61094, Free Field).

>Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz(IEC60318-4, -3dB).

>Sensitivity: 116dB/Vrms(@1kHz).

>Impedance: 16 Ohm.

>THD+N: <1%@1kHz.

Moondrop Quarks-2

Quarks, Closed Anterior Cavity For Superior Isolation:-

Moondrop has designed Quarks with a fully enclosed front cavity design. It offers superior sound insulation capabilities than other similar IEMs in the market providing great levels of noise isolation for its users.

6mm Micro Dynamic Driver Packing Powerful Performance:-

Moondrop Quarks packs a powerful performance with a 6mm micro dynamic driver unit. This driver utilizes an external magnetic architecture composed of high-quality neodymium magnets. The diaphragm here is made of lightweight and sturdy polymer material. It also has an imported CCAW voice coil for supreme performance.

Moondrop Quarks-3

Neutral Sound With Tuning Following HRTF Frequency Curve:-

Moondrop has adjusted the tuning of Quarks countless times over the past two years. The pair has got a tuning following the HRTF(Head Related Transfer Function) frequency curve. Quarks bring a natural, natural sound tuning that complements different genres with its wide soundstage and high-resolution clarity throughout a wide frequency response range.

Patented Sound Damping Structure:-

Moondrop has designed the Quarks front cavity with a second-gen patented anti-blocking sound damping which greatly improves durability and reduces the possibility of blockage due to ear wax. Moondrop has adopted a double damping structure using two materials with completely different acoustic resistance to filter mid and high frequencies. This enhances the sound by greatly eliminating treble ringing and making it more natural and smooth.

Moondrop Quarks-4

Compact & Easy To Drive:-

Moondrop Quarks has a small, compact form factor with a completely transparent cavity design. The pair has a simple, bullet-shaped design for a comfortable fit. It has low power requirements with an impedance rating of just 16 ohm and a high sensitivity rating of 116dB. Pair it straight with your smartphone and enjoy high-quality music.

Pricing & Availability:-

Moondrop Quarks is launched at a very interesting price of just 12.99$. Grab yours today!!

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