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Moondrop PCC Coaxial OCC IEM Upgrade Cable Released

Moondrop PCC Coaxial OCC IEM Upgrade Cable Released

The market for premium audio cables has seen a huge change ever since DUNU introduced the world with its patented quick switch modular plugs. Moondrop has introduced the world with its latest aftermarket upgrade cable, the Moondrop PCC-coaxial OCC copper cable. The cable is made up of high-purity OCC single crystal copper material and features Moondrop’s latest Replaceable termination plug design. This replaceable termination plug technology is quite similar to DUNU’s modular plug design. And this cable along with its three replaceable plugs(3.5mm single-ended/2.5mm balance/ 4.4mm balanced) has a price tag of just 59.99$. Check out more details here.

Moondrop PCC OCC Cable-1


>Independent insulation of cable cores.

>6N Pure single crystal copper cable material.

>Cable Specifications: 3*8 OCC SIngle-Crystal Copper core+31 OCC copper shielding layer.

>Moondrop’s Patented Replaceable termination plugs.

>Included Termination Plug:- 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced plugs.

Made Using Pure Single-Crystal Copper Wires:-

The Moondrop PCC Coaxial OCC single crystal copper cable is made up of high-purity premium 6N monocrystalline copper wires. Each wire core has separate insulation for a disturbance-free output. The cable has a premium configuration of 3*8 OCC monocrystalline copper cable, 31 OCC copper shielding layers.

Moondrop PCC OCC Cable-2

Improve Your Sound Quality Experience:-

With the Moondrop PCC Coaxial OCC single-crystalline copper cable, users get premium aftermarket audio cable that provides transparent, natural, and balanced sound output. This definitely improves over the stock cable sound output with Hi-res IEMs.

Moondrop PCC OCC Cable-3

Interchangeable Termination Plugs:-

Following the footsteps of other premium cable manufacturers in the market Moondrop has designed a custom plug for replaceable termination plugs in its latest IEM upgrade cable. The cable comes bundled with three different termination plugs, 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced termination plug. Plug your favorite hi-res IEM in your balanced sources easily.

Price & Availability:-

Moondrop PCC OCC Cable-4

Moondrop has priced its latest IEM upgrade cable for just 59.99$. It is an amazing price, as the cable has many premium features. First, we have the patented replaceable termination plug design, and then we have a very good cable material(Monocrystalline Copper), and at last we have a transparent, low-internal resistance audio  signal transmssion. Grab this awesome Cable from our store here. Shipments have already begun, grab yours today!!!!

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