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Moondrop Line W 6N High-Purity Silver-Plated Single-Crystal Copper Headphone Upgrade Cable

Moondrop Line W 6N High-Purity Silver-Plated Single-Crystal Copper Headphone Upgrade Cable

Moondrop is a name well-recognized by audiophiles from all around the globe. They have a huge collection of premium in-ear monitors, slowly they are entering into the world of Headphones too. Recently, they released two new headphones, The Moondrop Void, and the Moondrop Venus. A few weeks back, Moondrop launched an upgrade cable designed specifically for headphones, namely Moondrop Line V. Today, Moondrop has brought us another new product in the Headphone upgrade cable category, presenting you the all-new Moondrop Line W.

Moondrop Line W-1

Moondrop Line W is priced at 49.99$. Check out more details here.

Line W can be considered as an upgraded Line V cable with double the strand and core configuration. The Line V cable features an 8-strand configuration with 392 wire cores, the new Line W is designed with a 16-strand configuration and 784 wire cores. The cores are braided together in a Litz braided structure design. Moondrop Line W has high-quality skin-friendly PVC outer sheathing on each strand protecting the audio signal from outside interferences. This soft outer shielding also gives a soft in-hand feeling and flexible texture.

Moondrop Line W-2

Moondrop has crafted the Line W cable with high-purity 6N Single-Crystal Copper Silver-Plated wire cores. It enhances your experience with a crisp and detailed sound performance by smooth signal transmission with low internal resistance to the signal. Moondrop Line W cable has metallic sheathing around the connectors. The cable has dual 3.5mm connectors on the headphone side and a 4.4mm termination plug. Moondrop Line W greatly enhances the sound quality of your full-sized headphones. It is compatible with all headphones that take dual 3.5mm connectors. The cable is launched at just 49.99$, you can check out more information over here.

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