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Moondrop Launches "Void": Over-ear Open-Back Headphones With 50mm Dynamic Driver

Moondrop Launches "Void": Over-ear Open-Back Headphones With 50mm Dynamic Driver

Moondrop is a well-recognized name in the industry. The brand is known mainly for its absolutely brilliant range of in-ear monitors. Moondrop has now entered into the world of over-ear headphones with its very first release, the Moondrop Void. Void is an open-back over-ear headphone that is designed with a self-developed 50mm high-performance dynamic driver unit. Moondrop with their years of expertise in designing premium in-ear monitors, have tuned the Void to deliver a lively sound that will fit the requirements of audiophiles as well as professional music recorders!!

Moondrop Void-1

Moondrop Void is launched officially for 199.99$, you can check out more information on the Moondrop Void here.

The Void has been in development for over 3 years. Moondrop has specially developed a 50mm driver for the Void. The driver is composed of high-quality components to ensure flagship-grade sound performance. After countless experiments, Moondrop has finalized a powerful internal magnetic circuit. It balances the vibration area on each part of the diaphragm. Designed with the help of FEA Finite Element Simulation, the geometric structure of the magnetic circuit has been optimized. The driver here adopts a composite diaphragm coil. It has a combination of Flexible Suspension and a metal-coated dome structure.

Moondrop Void-2

Moondrop has expertly adjusted the tuning of the Void following the HRTF target response. The pair is tuned to deliver crisp output with ultimate resolution and detail level. Void is tuned to immerse you in its musical output. The output has excellent clarity and a clean, distortion-free performance. It complements different genres of music well.

Moondrop Void-3

With a detachable 3.5mm dual-connector cable, the Moondrop Void offers versatile connectivity. The stock cable can be upgraded to balanced, or with other high-end cables. Moondrop Void has been designed after three years of deep acoustic research and development. The headphone is tuned to deliver impressive dynamic sound at an affordable price point. Know more information here.

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