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Moondrop Launches DAWN Pro Dual CS43131 DAC Portable USB DAC/AMP

Moondrop Launches DAWN Pro Dual CS43131 DAC Portable USB DAC/AMP

Moondrop is a well-recognised name in the audiophile industry. For many years, Moondrop has developed itself as a trusted IEM brand with many successful models available across different price brackets. Last year, Moondrop entered into the world of portable USB DAC/AMPs with the release of Moondrop Moonriver 2, a highly-acclaimed portable USB DAC that won the hearts of audiophiles with its performance. Moondrop further released more models in the category, the Moondrop DAWN also got famous for its price-to-performance ratio. Today, Moondrop has proudly launched a successor to the DAWN series, introducing the Moondrop Dawn Pro.

Moondrop DAWN Pro-1

Moondrop DAWN Pro is launched at an attractive price of 49.99$, know more details here.

Moondrop DAWN Pro is a flagship-level product from Moondrop. It comes equipped with a specially designed audio architecture that promises class-leading performance with ultra-low distortion, high SNR and DNR performance. The resulting output with the DAWN Pro is simply exceptional, hear every minute detail with a rich tone and a clear, noise-free background. The device adopts a dual DAC chipset featuring two flagship-level CS43131 DAC chips from Cirrus Logics. They are combined with a high-performance USB interface chip, dual-independent crystal oscillators, three-independent power supply chips, etc. Moondrop DAWN Pro supports decoding for high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 audio signals.

Moondrop DAWN Pro-2

The chassis for the Moondrop DAWN Pro is exceptionally crafted. It is made up of high-quality aluminium alloy material specially crafted using a CNC machining process for a smooth, textured finish. Moondrop has incorporated a desktop-like heat dissipation design with vents on the chassis that provide consistent performance even after hours of use. In order to get a perfect pairing with both sensitive and high-power requiring in-ear monitors, Moondrop has featured 100-level smooth independent volume adjustment on the DAWN Pro. THe device has dual headphone output options supporting both single-ended(3.5mm), and balanced(4.4mm) connections with ease.

Moondrop DAWN Pro-3

Moondrop DAWN Pro is a fantastic device which is a completely overhauled device over the previous models in the DAWN series. It’s flagship-level DAC Chips and specially designed audio architecture, ensure you get smoother sound performance with your regular devices. THe DAWN Pro has an interchangeable cable system allowing you to use the device easily with laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. To upgrade the way you enjoy your favorite music, Simply check the amazing Moondrop DAWN Pro here.

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