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Moondrop Joker Full-Sized Closed Back Studio Monitoring Headphones

Moondrop Joker Full-Sized Closed Back Studio Monitoring Headphones

Moondrop, a highly-established high-fidelity audio gear brand has come up with a brand new full-sized headphone, presenting the all-new Moondrop Joker. It’s a well-made full-size closed-back headphone designed especially for studio monitoring. Moondrop as a brand has years of expertise in designing premium-quality HiFi audio gear. They have mainly dealt with in-ear monitors and portable USB DAC/AMPs. But last year, they entered into the big world of full-sized headphones as well. The products were received quite well, the Joker is the third headphone from the brand, and their first closed-back as well!!

Moondrop Joker-1

Moondrop has launched the Joker for an attractive price of 79.99$, you can check out more details here.

Moondrop has equipped the Joker with a self-developed 50mm large high-performance dynamic driver unit. It is developed with a highly efficient Neodymium N52-based magnetic circuit. The structure is optimized through FEA(Finite Element Analysis). Moondrop has developed this driver with a large-sized metallic alloy coated dome and rigid composite material diaphragm that provides a solid foundation for a high-resolution audio reproduction.

Moondrop Joker-2

In order to counter the standing waves reflection issue commonly faced by traditional closed-back headphones, Moondrop has developed the Joker with an Asymmetric Brass acoustic cavity structure. It has been crafted using a die-stamping process to reduce the weight of the housing. With several acoustic damping materials and pressure vents, the pair delivers accurate timbre and fast and responsive sound suitable for studio monitoring.

Moondrop Joker-3

Moondrop has showcased intricate craftsmanship to develop the Joker. The exterior of the brass cavity is coated with a special black paint finish. It gets a unique and beautiful textured finish that makes the pair look and feel absolutely premium. Moondrop Joker has easy-to-replace earpads, they have a quick release feature allowing for easy replacement by users. The headphone adopts a swappable cable design with its dual 3.5mm connectors.

Moondrop Joker-4

Moondrop Joker is a fantastically crafted pair of in-ear monitors that showcase excellent craftsmanship and packs true high-resolution audio characteristics. It is launched officially for 79.99$, you can check out more information over here.

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