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Moondrop JIU Brand New 10mm Dynamic Driver DSP IEMs

Moondrop JIU Brand New 10mm Dynamic Driver DSP IEMs

Moondrop is researching hard into the DSP territory with back-to-back releases. Following the success of Quarks DSP and Droplet, Moondrop is here with a special DSP single dynamic driver IEM, the Moondrop JIU. At a far glance, the JIU looks like a Moondrop CHU(which is apparently a highly-regarded single dd IEM from the brand) with a Type-C termination. Moondrop has actually taken the cavity structure and driver configuration of the Chu and further optimized its performance using DSP(Digital Signal Processing) technology for the JIU. Moondrop JIU is a brand new entry-level IEM that is designed to promise top-quality sound at a really affordable price point.

Moondrop JIU-1

Moondrop JIU is launched officially for 24.99$, you can check out more information here.

The Quarks DSP and Drople have shown immersive potential in the industry, The optimizations done via DSP are promising quality upgrades and improved sound while being easy on the pocket. The Moondrop JIU benefits from a built-in DSP profile. Moondrop has optimized the sound performance with built-in SOC that helps create a balanced listening experience with a natural soundstage. The JIU is actually built on the Moondrop CHU with enhanced sound characteristics using DSP optimizations. The pair are said to have a pleasing lower-end response and a more natural soundstage presentation.

Moondrop JIU-2

Moondrop has featured a 10mm high-performance dynamic driver unit on the JIU. It adopts PVD(Physical Vapour Deposition) technology to create a titanium-coated nano-crystalline diaphragm. It has an improved rigidity band and excellent damping characteristics. This benefits the pair in achieving improved treble response and details.

Moondrop JIU-4

Moondrop has tuned the set using their famous VDSF target response curve. VDSF is a parametric target and is usually preferred by many audiophiles for its clear and crisp sound presentation. In order to match the desired target curve, Moondrop has designed a special cavity structure using FEA simulation and 3D printing technology. The shells are made up of high-quality zinc alloy material.

Moondrop JIU-3

Moondrop JIU features a versatile USB Type-C termination. Nowadays 3.5mm audio jack is missing from most smartphones and this is where the Type-C termination comes in handy. You can use the JIU straight with your smartphones, Laptops, and computers. It even has a built-in microphone for easy communication. Moondrop JIU is an interesting set of IEMs with DSP technology priced attractively at just 24.99$. Feel free to check out more information on the Moondrop JIU here.

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