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Moondrop Introduces "Line V": 8-Core OFC Silver-Plated Headphone Upgrade Cable

Moondrop Introduces "Line V": 8-Core OFC Silver-Plated Headphone Upgrade Cable

Moondrop has always been a famous brand in the HiFi audio community. Mainly known for its huge range of HiFi in-ear monitors, Moondrop is a part of all the discussions for its newly launched headphones, the Moondrop Void. Following the release of Void, Moondrop has now also released an upgrade cable designed especially for headphones with dual 3.5mm input connectors, meet the all-new Moondrop Line V.

Moondrop Line V

Moondrop Line V is launched officially at an attractive price tag of just 39.99$, know more information here.

Moondrop Line V is a high-purity upgrade cable designed specifically for high-fidelity over-ear headphones. It has dual 3.5mm connectors compatible with new Moondrop headphones, and also many other famous brand headphones. Moondrop Line V is a balanced cable with a 4.4mm termination. The cable has got 8-strand configuration with 49 cores on each strand. This takes the total core count of the cable to 392 cores. The cores are braided together in a Litz braided structure design. The cable has got high-quality skin-friendly PVC outer sheathing on each strand. This protects the cable from damage and gives it a soft in-hand feel and flexible texture.

Moondrop Line V-1

Moondrop Line V is made up of high-purity 6N single-crystal copper silver-plated wire cores. Its high-purity configuration promises quality sound with improved dynamics. Moondrop Line V is a premium upgrade cable. It has metallic sheathing around the dual 3.5mm connectors and the 4.4mm termination. Treat your headphones with the all-new Moondrop Line V cables and experience improved sound performance!! Moondrop Line V is launched officially for just 39.99$, know more here.

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