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Moondrop Introduces LAN: Brand New Affordable IEM With 10mm Dual-Cavity Beryllium-Coated Dynamic Driver

Moondrop Introduces LAN: Brand New Affordable IEM With 10mm Dual-Cavity Beryllium-Coated Dynamic Driver

Moondrop has introduced a brand new single dynamic driver in the budget category, meet the all-new Moondrop LAN. After years of expertise in designing single and multi-driver IEMs, Moondrop has implemented the techniques used in HiFi IEMs and created the LAN ensuring quality sound for the listeners. The pair benefits from a newly-developed 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver that features a large-size beryllium-plated dome for exceptional clarity. It’s a brilliantly crafted pair with MIM powder metallurgy processed metallic ear shells. It’s an ideal option for people looking for great sound, solid build, and detachable cable and this amazing package comes at an affordable pocket-friendly price tag.

Moondrop LAN-1

Moondrop LAN is launched officially for just 39.99$, you can check out more information here.

Moondrop LAN adopts a newly-designed 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver unit. It boasts great performance with its large-sized beryllium-coated dome, powerful N52 magnetic architecture, and ultra-thin CCAW voice coil. The pair produces a powerful magnetic flux with its efficient N52 neodymium magnetic architecture that allows for swift movement of the diaphragm producing clear sound with ultra-low distortion. It probably has the cleanest sound and the lowest distortion in this price bracket with THD ratings of ≤0.05%@1kHz!!

Moondrop LAN-2

Moondrop has tuned the LAN in line with their famous VDSF target response. It delivers impressive clarity throughout the frequency response and presents an open and lively sound for the listeners. It has a natural tone to its sound that immerses the listeners in a musical presentation. We are pretty sure Moondrop LAN will accompany different genres of music and it will be an ideal choice for listeners of different genres and styles.

Moondrop LAN-3

Moondrop doesn’t compromises on aesthetics at all. LAN has got beautifully crafted metallic ear shells made using high-quality stainless steel material. They are treated with a MIM Metallurgy process for a rich and premium finish with a clean texture. The pair brings interchangeable cable with its 2-pin 0.78mm connectors. It allows for easy replacement and upgrade of the stock cable with in-line mic cables, Bluetooth cables, and more.

Moondrop LAN-4

LAN is a new generation of IEMs from Moondrop, at a pocket-friendly price point, the pair promises exceptional sound characteristics. It surely is an amazing set, priced attractively at just 39.99$. Be sure to drop by here and check more details on the pair.

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