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Moondrop Dawn Gets An All-New 3.5mm Single-Ended Variant

Moondrop Dawn Gets An All-New 3.5mm Single-Ended Variant

Following the success of the recently launched Moondrop DAWN 4.4mm Portable USB DAC/AMP, Moondrop has now revealed a single-ended variant for the DAWN, Let’s meet the all-new Moondrop DAWN 3.5mm Single-Ended Portable USB DAC/AMP. They have kept the DAC design and internal circuitry arrangement the same as with the DAWN, housing a premium Dual DAC chipset from Cirrus Logics(2xCS43131) and dual independent crystal oscillators. The only difference you will notice with the brand new DAWN 3.5mm will be the headphone output port that is now a single-ended 3.5mm instead of the 4.4mm of the OG Dawn DAC/AMP. It is going to be available for 64.99$, 5$ less than its balanced variant. Check out more information here.

Moondrop DAWN 3.5mm-1

The DAC configuration on the latest Dawn 3.5mm is kept the same as the balanced variant. It comes equipped with a high-performance dual-DAC configuration. The DAC houses two CS43131 DAC chips from Cirrus Logics. Paired with dual independent crystal oscillators, the Dual DAC configuration does a tremendous job in decoding high-resolution audio signals.

Moondrop DAWN 3.5mm achieves class-leading performance. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM as well as native DSD256 signals bringing top-quality Hi-Res audio performance to your pocket. DAWN 3.5mm reaches high-performance numbers providing a high dynamic range of 127dB and ultra-low distortion of 0.0002%. We bet you won’t notice any background noise as the noise level in the output signal is as low as 1.1uVrms. Pair your sensitive, low-power requiring IEMs with the Dawn 3.5mm with ease. Don’t worry about the power numbers, Dawn in its compact form factor houses a powerful amp section. It produces about 2Vrms output level which is more than enough to power most IEMs in the market.

Moondrop DAWN 3.5mm-2

Moondrop DAWN has gained a reputation in the community as a high-performance Portable USB DAC/AMP. The latest 3.5mm single-ended variant is designed to keep all those features and specs intact. It has a compact form factor that works perfectly fine with PC, Laptops, Mobile phones, and Tablets. The device is fully compatible with the Moondrop Link application. While the 4.4mm fully balanced variant is priced at 69.99$, the latest single-ended Moondrop DAWn is launched at 64.99$. You can check out more information here.

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