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Moondrop Blessing 2 new Flagship IEM earphones

Moondrop Blessing 2 new Flagship IEM earphones


Moondrop blessing 2 earphones just were announced through the Weibo page with one dynamic driver and 4 armature divers based on the success of previous Moondrop Blessing with more interesting features.  

moondrop blessing2

Price and Availability.

Reservation will start at 8 pm of Dec,25th 2019 and it will last 7-10days through all the China distributors at price CNY 1999

Scheduled to be shipped Jan 8st, 2020  (subjected to change)


4xBalanced armature unit + Dynamic unit 

The five-unit design of unilateral four-iron and one-tum lap, reasonable unit configuration, and comprehensive multi-unit configuration with as simple a multi-unit configuration as possible. 

Power frequency division+PhysicaI frequency division

Digitalized fine-structured physical filter structure finely controls the diameter,
length, and position of acoustic resistance of each sound channel, so as to strictly control the phase and response of each unit and ensure that the low-frequency Dynamic unit works ideally status. Using high-frequency, accurate, low-loss, simple power frequency division, with precise physical frequency division, avoids the power loss of pure power frequency division and more accurately selects the dominant frequency band for each group of sounding units.

Sound Signature

Sweet highs, detailed mids and full of energy for bass. 

moondrop blessing2

 moondrop blessing2

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