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MOONDROP Blessing 2 Latest Wooden Variant Announced!!

MOONDROP Blessing 2 Latest Wooden Variant officially released.

Moondrop is a brand that is widely known for its brilliant sounding pairs of in-ear monitors. They are regularly bringing us new products with superb build and sound quality output. This time Moondrop has released the latest variant of its highly appreciated pair of in-ear monitors, the Moondrop Blessing 2. Originally the Blessing 2 was released in March earlier this year, and it is highly appreciated by its users. The latest variant is sonically same as the other variants but in looks they have stepped up their game with colored original wooden face panels.

Moondrop has announce the wooden face version in  June and due to the Cov-19, they finally officially release the shipment of four wooden face versions since Sep,29th.

Now you can buy the Blessing 2 in three different variants, one the regular standard variant with stainless steel faceplates, second, the laser engraved stainless steel faceplate, and now the latest wooden faceplates. The regular variant is priced at 319.99$ and the other four variant cost 30$ more at 349.99$. You can choose from a variety of designs for laser engraved variant, Check more details here at our store. 

Moondrop Blessing 2-1

Moondrop Blessing 2:-

The Moondrop Blessing 2 is a hybrid driver pair of in-ear monitors from the brand with a five driver setup on each side. It houses a 10mm DD unit that provides a punchy lower end, dual Softears D-Mid-A BA units that provides beautiful transparent mids section with lush vocals, and dual Knowles SWFK BA units that ensure a brilliantly detailed treble section. The pair has a brilliant build with high-precision 3D printed resin shells with a stainless steel faceplate in the regular and laser engraved variants and wooden faceplates in the latest variant. We had reviewed the Moondrop Blessing 2 when it was released in March and we still use it on a daily basis. We loved the pair for its outstanding sound quality, you can check our review here.

Latest Wooden Variant:-

 Moondrop Blessing 2-2

Moondrop Blessing 2-3

The latest variant of Moondrop Blessing 2 features colorful wooden faceplates. They are sonically the same as the other two variants, and the build aesthetics are the same too. The faceplates are made up of original high-quality wood, the texture on each unit is unique. There will be no two pieces of wooden Blessing 2 that will look the same. It is going to be available in two colors, Red and Blue. The wooden variant looks astonishingly beautiful with golden Blessing 2 engraving on the right earpiece. The pair looks very rich and premium with wooden face panels. This beautiful variant of Blessing 2 will cost 30$ more than the regular edition, will be available for 349.99$. It will be available starting 1st June 2020, and shipments will be shipped as per order number sequence. Check more details here.

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