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Moondrop Announces Dark Saber IEMs, Paradise Headphones, FreeDSP Cable, and DiscDream HiFi CD Player

Moondrop Announces Dark Saber IEMs, PARA Headphones, FreeDSP Cable, and DiscDream HiFi CD Player

The 17th Shenzhen International Audio Show has kickstarted today with a big event. We have got several new product announcements from Moondrop, the lead sponsor for the event. Moondrop is a well-recognized and well-reputed name in the audiophile industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner audiophile or an experienced one, you knowingly or unknowingly must have tried or used products by Moondrop. THe brand has spread its reach to premium in-ear monitors, portable USB DAC/AMPs, Headphones, Cables, etc. Today at the 17th Shenzhen International Audio Show, Moondrop has showcased four of its upcoming products. Let’s get to know them better.

Moondrop Dark Saber-1

Moondrop Dark Saber:-

One of the biggest announcements today was the Moondrop Dark Saber, a highly-equipped multi-driver hybrid IEM. The Moondrop Dark Matter adopts a 10-driver configuration with 2 dynamic drivers and 8 high-performance Balanced Armature drivers on each side. The pair adopts Moondrop’s famous H.O.D.D.U.S module(Horizontally opposed Dynamic Driver module that incorportes two 10mm dynamic drivers placed in parallel producing exclusively powerful lower-end response. This strong lower-end is supported by the crystal clear midrange and smooth, extended treble with premium Knowles and Sonion BA units. The Dark Saber adopts exclusive face panels crafted from hundred-layered carbon fiber composite material. It comes with a premium Litz copper and silver-plated hybrid cable with swappable termination plugs. Moondrop Dark Saber brings an exceptionally solid listening experience for its users!! It is launched for 4999RMB.

Moondrop DiscDream:-

The second most interesting announcement today came as a surprise to everyone. Moondrop has announced the DiscDream, a high-quality portable Walkman CD Player. This allows the users to easily enjoy their favourite audio CDs on the go with ease. it has been carefully designed by Moondrop using HiFi-Grade components including audio-grade Laserhead, flagship Cirrus Logics CS43131 DAC chipset, Premium NDK capacitors, Linear Voltage power supplies, etc. With a specially designed Analog Amp section, the Moondrop DiscDream delivers an impressive output of 500mW. It’s a fantastic device which is a must-have in everyone’s collection, we personally can’t wait for its international launch!! Moondrop DiscDream is launched officially for 999RMB.

Moondrop FreeDSP:-

Next, we have a brand-new fully-balanced Type-C interactive DSP IEM cable with a custom-developed audio decoding chipset. It enables the enthusiasts to finely-tune the output with built-in DSP profiles allowing great flexibility and support for uploading different tuning profiles as well. e FreeDSP is a fantastic cable with versatile performance. More information about the FreeDSP will be shared in the upcoming days.

Moondrop PARA:-

Lastly, we have a brand new pair of over-ear headphones from Moondrop, the Moondrop PARA. Moondrop PARA is a premium over-ear headphones designed with a massive 100mm planar driver unit. It adopts Moondrop’s FDT comprehensive driver technology for enhanced performance by significantly reduced vibrations and hence provides a pure audio delivery with low distortion. Moondrop PARA will open a new level of performance for the brand in the over-ear headphone market. More information on the Moondrop PARA will also be shared in a few days.

Closing Words:-

The 17th Shenzhen International Audio Show has just begun today and with all these abovementioned announcements, we had a great day with some impressive launches. Moondrop has made a great entry to the show with all these new announcements, the Dark Saber and the DiscDream are surely worth looking ahead to while we wait for more information on the Paradise and FreeDSP cable.

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