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Mid-Year August 8.28 Sale: Crazy Deals On Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gears

Mid-Year August 8.28 Sale: Crazy Deals On Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gears

2021 is running crazy good so far. We have got plenty of new HiFi audio gears this year, which we personally loved!! Now it’s time to share the love with the community. Who doesn’t love sales, we sure do!! HiFiGo is bringing you the biggest sale event of the second half of 2021, We have curated the best deals for our customers on some of the best HiFi audio products on sale for the 8.28 Event. The sale has already started today, it will be active till 28th august, Don’t waste the chance to get your favorite audio gear at never before prices!! Check out the entire sale list here.

828 Sale

Some of our favorite deals:-

xDuoo XD-05 Bal Portable USB DAC/AMP:-

Retail price: 429$.

Sale price: 386$.

Looking to buy a Portable USB DAC/AMP?? Why look any further than the flagship xDuoo XD05 Bal portable DAC/AMP. Equipped with all the glory of a flagship device such as a flagship-grade Dual DAC chipset(ES9038Q2M), a powerful amplification circuit with replaceable OPAMP architecture, high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity, latest-generation USB receiver, and many more high-quality chips for extra-ordinary performance. This little beast is capable of powering most of the demanding headphones in the market with ease!! So why wait anymore, it is available at a crazy price!! Grab it today here.

Kinera Nanna 2.0 Pro:-

Retail price: 949$.

Sale price: 849$.

Kinera recently released a silently revised variant for the flagship Nanna electrostatic tribrid earphones. The Nanna 2.0 Pro features beautiful hand-painted ear cavities, premium 4.4mm silver-plated Monocrystalline copper cable, a premium set of accessories, and not to mention a four-driver tribrid setup consisting of two highly-resolving Electrostatic drivers on each side. If you wanna go flagship in IEMs, why not go there with style with the supremely beautiful Kinera Nanna 2.0 Pro, available now at a crazy deal of 849$!! Check out more details here. We are also offering killer deals on other IEMs by Kinera including their latest Norn and Skuld. Check their respective pages for deals too!!

Moondrop Blessing 2.0:-

Retail price: 319.99$.

Sale price: 287.99$.

Moondrop Blessing 2 has been a huge success ever since it was released. The five-driver hybrid pair produces phenomenal sound with great detail and clarity. You can also buy the beautiful Blessing 2 in solid-stabilized wooden or engraved pattern variants at a slight extra cost that you can check on the product page. In terms of sound, Blessing 2 is still among the best sounding IEMs under the 500$ price range!! Grab here before the stocks run out!!

Gustard X-16 MQA Balanced Desktop DAC:-

Retail price: 499.99$.

Deal price: 449.99$.

Gustard, a name you can trust when it comes to high-grade desktop gears. How about a crazy deal on their flagship-grade MQA Desktop DAC, the Gustard X-16. Featuring a class-leading, ES9068AS ESS Sabre DAC chipset, the X-16 offers splendid performance with a fully balanced configuration and full MQA decoding support. It features the latest-generation XMOS XU-216 16-core USB processor, OPA1612 OPAMPs, MELF resistor, and many other high-quality chips and components to ensure an out-of-the-world experience with the X16. Grab the X16 at an amazing price during the 8.28 sale!! Also, the companion headphone amplifier, Gustard H-16 is also available at a discounted price during this sale, check it out here.

xDuoo MT-602 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier:-

Retail price: 99.99$.

Deal price: 89.99$.

Earlier this year xDuoo released their latest “MT” series of tube hybrid headphone amplifiers. The MT-602 specifically offered an amazing setup of two high-performance tubes in the pre-amp stage backed by a class-A resistor arrangement for high-class output powering your headphones with musical tubey sound!! Explore the soft side of music with the MT-602 headphone tube hybrid amplifier available at a discounted price during the sale!! Check more details here.

Audirect Atom 2 USB DAC/AMP:-

Retail price: 79.99$.

Deal price: 71.99$.

If you are looking to buy an easy to use, portable USB Type-C DAC/AMP to use with your smartphones, the Audirect Atom 2 delivers all the latest tech and features at a really attractive price tag. With the help of the premium ES9281AC Sabre DAC chip, the Atom 2 is one of the only few Type-C DAC/AMPs in the market that support DSD512, 32-Bit/768kHz, and MQA decoding support. Turn your regular smartphone into a high-resolution music player with the Audirect Atom 2, available at a discounted price for the first time now!! Check more details here.

Shanling M3X Hi-Res Music Player:-

Retail price: 339$.

Deal price: 322$.

Shanling M3X, the latest mid-range Android music player is getting dope positive reviews from the community. It delivers quality performance with a Dual DAC chipset supporting high-resolution audio decoding with full 16x MQA decoding support. The M3X brings class-leading battery life of up to 23 hours on a single charge. Enjoy your music with crisp high-resolution decoding, high-quality amplification, and a super long battery life with the Shanling M3X!! Grab yours today here!!

S.M.S.L SH-9 Balanced Headphone Amplifier+SU-9 MQA DAC:-

Retail price: 459.99$(SU-9)+289.99$(SH-9).

Deal price: 413.99$(SU-9)+260.99$(SH-9).

S.M.S.L is among the top players in the desktop audio game. They are behind some of the most successful Desktop DAC and headphone amplifiers available in the market today. The SH-9 + SU-9 is their flagship-grade offering in terms of desktop audio DAC and headphone amp setup. If you are looking for a high-tier desktop stack with full MQA decoding support, balanced connections, and powerful output, consider the SU-9 and SH-9 as among the best you can buy today!! Check out more details on SU-9 here, and SH-9 here.

Topping A50s+D50s Desktop DAC+Headphone Amplifier:-

Retail price: 249.99$(D50s)+219.99$(A50s).

Deal price: 224.99$(D50s)+197.99$(A50s).

Topping is another name we are familiar with when it comes to desktop audio gears. The recently released A50s and D50s are making a killer combo as Desktop DAC and headphone amplifier. Bring the power of high-resolution audio decoding with the D50s and extremely clean and detailed amplification with the A50s, you are also free to buy one among the two to add to your stack today!! Check out more details on the A50s here, and the D50s here.

Audiosense AQ3:-

Retail price: 179$.

Deal price: 149$.

Audiosense are the leading manufacturers of high-resolution IEMs. We are offering crazy deals on some of their best products including the AQ3, T800, DT200, AQ7, and more. Grab these awesome IEMs at crazy prices like never before!! Check them out on their respective product pages.

This is just a short glimpse of the bigger picture here. The complete sale consists of crazy deals on a lot more products, why don’t you check out our complete list of crazy deals here. This 8.28 sale has already started, we assure you are gonna find something or the other which you were looking at a crazy price during this sale!! Do check out the sale list here, it is live till 28th august.

As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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