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Miaolo TH220 Plus 1DD+1BA Hybrid Bluetooth V5.2 TWS

Miaolo TH220 Plus 1DD+1BA Hybrid Bluetooth V5.2 TWS

Miaolo is an innovative brand in the HiFi audio market. The brand is highly committed to the R&D and manufacturing of TWS earbuds, smart wearing equipment and high-end quality HiFi products. The brand is new in the international market, but they have over 15 years of experience in designing innovative wireless audio products. Today, we are super excited to launch their latest Miaolo TH220 Plus TWS Bluetooth V5.2 earbuds in the international market. The TH220 Plus features a dual-driver hybrid setup bringing together an 8mm dynamic driver along with a Knowles high-performance BA driver to deliver outstanding sonic performance throughout a wide frequency band!!

Miaolo TH220 Plus-1

Get an amazing listening experience with the Miaolo TH220, these TWS IEMs are priced attractively for just $89. You can check out more information here.

Miaolo brings a precisely designed dual-driver architecture to the TH220 Plus. The DD and BA driver combo is arranged together in a two-way electronic frequency crossover for clean and accurate high-resolution sound reproduction. It provides exceptional clarity with fast, dynamic bass response, clear midrange, and detailed treble frequencies. The tuning for the TH220 Plus has been adjusted using a precisely designed air-vented structure to enhance the overall listening experience, provide an extremely comfortable wearing experience, and treat the users with a rich and premium feel.

Miaolo TH220 Plus-2

Miaolo TH220 Plus TWS earphones support the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. It offers a stable, lag-free connection with the source device. With AptX HD transmission protocol support, the TH220 Plus offers high-resolution wireless transmission. Both the left and right side channels can be used independently as well. Once connected with the source device, Users can use both left and right channels independently or can use both in stereo mode.

Miaolo TH220 Plus-3

Miaolo TH220 Plus featured beautiful face panels. Each face panel is unique and has a charming design. The pair is available in three beautiful colour options with each one having a stunning look and feel. They have touch-sensitive controls that help the users to control the media playback easily. Miaolo has designed the shells using 3D printing technologies to promise a comfortable fit for most users.

Miaolo TH220 Plus-4

Miaolo TH220 Plus has an amazing battery life. The pair has a rated battery life of up to 28 hours with the charging case(7 hours for the earpieces and 21 hours for the case). With its dual-driver hybrid setup, advanced Bluetooth connectivity, comfortable fit, unique designer looks, and efficient battery life, the Miaolo TH220 Plus offers excellent performance as everyday carry TWS IEMs. Get yours today for just 89$, more details here.

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