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Meet Moondrop Click: Lightweight & Handy Portable USB DAC/AMP

Meet Moondrop Click: Lightweight & Handy Portable USB DAC/AMP

Earlier this year, Moondrop entered the world of Portable USB DAC/AMPs with the Moonriver 2. It instantly became a huge success for its extremely good sound performance. Moondrop followed the success in the Portable DAC/AMP market after Moonriver 2 with the release of Dawn got two different variants, one 4.4mm balanced and another 3.5mm single-ended. Today, Moondrop releases its third USB DAC/AMP, this time pricing it attractively for the ultra-budget segment, presenting the all-new Moondrop Click!!

Moondrop Click-1

Priced at just 19.99$, Moondrop Click is a pocket-friendly DAC/AMP. It’s designed to deliver quality performance at a nickel of a cost, check out more information here.

Moondrop Click is an ultra-compact, lightweight, and handy USB DAC/AMP. It’s so compact, that it feels like just a connector cable at one end having a Type-C port and on the other a 3.5mm headphone output. You will be able to carry it around easily in your pocket and won’t even feel a thing. In order to give the Click a solid build structure, Moondrop has carved its shells(Type-C port and Headphone output Port) with high-quality aluminum alloy material. The shells are nicely finished for a smooth, fine texture.

Moondrop Click-2

The cable here is again of high quality. Moondrop has treated the Click with a coaxial shielded Litz braided connector cable. It’s got 6N monocrystalline copper cores that are protected by a 4N OFC silver-plated shielding layer. A high-Purity connector cable ensures smooth signal transmission with low signal loss and also protects the signal from electromagnetic interference.

Moondrop Click-3

Click houses a single 3.5mm headphone output port. Users can use it easily with their smartphones, and Windows/macOS systems, and enjoy high-resolution audio anytime they want. Moondrop has priced the Click attractively at just 19.99$, check more information here.

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