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Meet Kinera Hodur: Brand New Triple Driver Tribrid IEMs(1DD+1BA+1EST)

Meet Kinera Hodur: Brand New Triple Driver Tribrid IEMs(1DD+1BA+1EST)

Kinera, a name that isn’t bound for any introduction among audio enthusiasts. Over the years, Kinera has established itself as a manufacturer of premium in-ear monitors that fall into different price categories. They are usually recognized for their outstanding craftsmanship, Norse mythology references, and professional tuning capabilities. Today, Kinera adds a new triple-driver tribrid set of in-ear monitors to its ever-growing catalog, meet the brand-new Kinera Hodur.

Kinera Hodur-1

Following Kinera’s trend to take reference from Norse Mythology for its products, the latest Hodur refers to the god of night and darkness Hodur from Norse Mythology. He is said to be the twin brother of the Baldr. So, that’s the story reference for the Kinera Hodur here. Kinera has designed the latest Hodur with a triple-driver tribrid configuration housing a dynamic driver, a balanced armature driver, and an electrostatic driver on each side. The pair is launched officially for 299$.

Kinera using its expertise has tuned the latest Hodur for a smooth, punchy, lively sound performance. The three drivers work together flawlessly in a professionally designed frequency crossover retrieving excellent details from your music. Kinera has enclosed the three drivers in hand-crafted ergonomic-shaped ear cavities. The ear shells for Kinera Hodur are designed by professional engineers who assembled, built and polished each unit by hands. They provide a comfortable wearing experience with a firm fit and high levels of noise isolation.

Kinera packs the latest Hodur with a high-purity modular cable. More information about the cable and its included termination plugs will be released soon by the brand. The pair is officially available worldwide for 299$, you can check out more information here.

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