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HarmonicDyne Devil-3

Meet HarmonicDyne Devil: Brand New In-Ear Monitors With Dual 10mm Custom Dynamic Drivers

We have got a brand-new pair of premium dual-dynamic driver IEMs from HarmonicDyne, meet the all-new HarmonicDyne Devil. Equipped with two high-performance 10mm custom-developed dynamic drivers, the HarmonicDyne Devil delivers impactful lower-end performance with a clear midrange and rich treble response. The pair has received precisely designed CNC magnet circuitry that produces a strong magnetic flux(Tesla-grade) and allows for swift movement of the diaphragm resulting in clean output with lower distortion. HarmonicDyne Devil brings you an exquisite package with its premium CNC-machined aviation-grade aluminum alloy ear shells!! Truly a majestic listening experience awaits you with the HarmonicDyne Devil!!

HarmonicDyne Devil-1

HarmonicDyne Devil is launched officially at an attractive price tag of 199$, you can check out more information here.

Devil comes with a dual dynamic driver configuration. HarmonicDyne has custom-developed two 10mm dynamic drivers that have been tuned professionally for a balanced and natural sound output. With the help of a specially developed CNC magnetic circuit system equipped with strong NdFeB magnets, the pair produces a powerful tesla-grade magnetic flux for swift movement of the driver. The pair has self-developed LDM membrane material that is lightweight and rigid. The overall result with the HarmonicDyne is a smooth, detailed, lively sound with low harmonic distortion.

HarmonicDyne Devil-2

HarmonicDyne Devil features beautiful and well-crafted ear shells. The cavities are carved using a high-precision CNC machining process with aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. HarmonicDyne has treated the pair with a comfortable, ergonomic design ensuring a comfortable fit for most users. The pair is priced at 199$, it is available with both 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination options. Know more about the HarmonicDyne Devil Here.

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