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Matrix Mini-i 3 Series Roon Ready Certified!!

Matrix Mini-i 3 Series Roon Ready Certified!!

Good news for all the owners or aspiring owners for the Matrix Audio Mini I-3 and Mini-i Pro 3, both the devices have received Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs. Last year Matrix Audio introduced the fourth generation of their Mini-I series of desktop DAC/AMP’s. The Roon Ready certification is one of the must have’s for high-end streaming players. With the Roon Ready certification, the already awesome Mini I-3 series has become even better. It allows the playback of bit-perfect music streaming through the Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3 over a LAN, or push music to Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3 from an iPhone, iPad, or any other MAC computer on the network using AirPlay. It takes your musical experience to an all-new level with bit-perfect musical output.

Matrix Mini i3-1

Roon Ready For Mini I-3 and Mini-I Pro 3:-

Matrix Audio initially planned to get the Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs by October 2020. In the past few months, Matrix has devoted a large part of its research and development efforts to Roon Ready certification. The brand went through more than 4 rounds of firmware modification and tests together with Roon Labs team members located in the US and France, and solved all technical issues, and passed the strict tests by Roon Labs. Roon Labs has updated the certification status of mini-i Pro 3 and mini-i 3 on January 27th to certified, enabling the devices to provide a bit-perfect sound output. In order to enable the Roon Ready certification on your Mini I-3 and Mini-i Pro 3, you have to update to the latest firmware, C513A7, and C513B7. The update link will be shared shortly by the brand.

Matrix Audio i3-2

What's more worth mentioning is, when the mini-i Pro 3 or mini-i 3 is working as a Roon Ready endpoint, the track titles, the artist names, the album art images, the audio sampling rate, and even the playback progress bar can be shown in the device display simultaneously. Before the mini-i 3 series was born, only more expensive Roon Ready products have these functionalities.

Price Change:-

With the Roon Ready Certification the price for the Mini-i Pro 3 is going to be increased starting from 18th February. Currently the Mini-i Pro 3 is available for 899.99$, from 18th Feb it will be increased to 1025$ or 839 Euros. So grab a unit for yourself before the price increases!!

Hearing Protection:-

Enable hearing protection to prevent hearing damage and startle caused by misoperating volume, you need to press the knob to confirm after prompt appears on the screen and then continue to increase the volume.

Matrix Mini i3-3

Line Input Detection:-

When listening to a symphony with a large dynamic range or watching a movie, the audio will contain long time low-amplitude audio signals, such as a long period of no dialogue and no soundtrack in a movie, or a long period between symphony chapters. This situation may meet the condition of the mini-i 3 automatic mute function, but the actual situation is that there is no need to mute at this time. So Matrix Audio has added the "Line input detection" setting, if you need a usage scenario like described above, please turn off the "Line input detection" to avoid the effect of the automatic mute to the DAC. For most music, it's no need to turn off this option. When the "Line input detection" is turned off, the automatic standby function will be disabled under the line input channel.

Matrix Mini i3-4

Firmware Changelog(C513A7 & C513B7):-

>Bug fixes according to the Roon Ready Certification.

>Fixed the issue that, in some cases, DAC provides no response on AirPlay playback.

>Added hearing protection functionality.

>Added analog input signal detection switch.

>Users can set the output volume of Mini I-3 and Mini-I Pro 3 through the Roon controller app, and even turn the unit on or off through the controller app.

How To Update:-

1. Turn the device on and connect it to the Internet. Press the “i” button on the rear panel of the unit to enter the Settings menu. 

2. Rotate the knob, find the “Firmware Update” option, press the knob to enter. 

3. Press the knob to check for updates. 

4. If an update is available, the firmware version will be displayed. The C513A7 is for mini-i 3, and the C513B7 is for mini-i Pro 3. Now press the knob to start the installation of the update.

5. The upgrade process takes about 2 minutes, the device will reboot automatically after the update is complete.

6. After the update is complete, re-enter the Settings menu and select the "Info" option to view the current firmware version number.

Matrix Mini i3-5

So what are you waiting for??? Update your Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3 to the latest firmware to bring out the true potential of your device with Roon Ready Bit-Perfect Output. If you are planning on buying a unit for yourself buy it now as the price is going to be increased from 18th February, you can buy it today for 899.99$, starting 18th February it will be priced at 1025$. For more details on the Matrix Audio Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3, check the store page here.

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