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Matrix Audio Releases All-New "X-SPDIF 3" Premium Desktop USB Audio Interface!!

Matrix Audio Releases All-New "X-SPDIF 3" Premium Desktop USB Audio Interface!!

Matrix Audio is a premium HiFi audio gear brand that specializes in high-end desktop solutions including DACs, All-in-One DAC/AMPs, etc. Today, Matrix Audio has released its latest generation of Audio interfaces, the Matrix X SPDIF 3. It’s a high-definition USB digital audio interface that can be connected to a wide range of devices including Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, and Laptops, and provides them with full high-resolution audio signal transmission.

Matrix X SPDIF 3-1

Matrix X SPDIF 3 is launched officially for 499$, you can refer here for more information.

With the help of premium audio circuitry, The Matrix X SPDIF 3 provides full high-resolution signal transmission. It supports USB input with high-resolution PCM 32-Bit/768kHz and native DSD512 signals and provides them to your desktop setups via IIS-LVDS, Coaxial, Optical, and AES output options. Simply use your smartphone, tablets, and other devices as a pure music source with the X SPDIF 3.

Matrix has equipped the latest X-SPDIF 3 with dual independent femtosecond ultra-low jitter clocks for smooth signal transmission with other devices in the chain. The output from the IIS LVDS can be adjusted with the help of switches located at the back of the device. You will be able to adjust the output between two different clock outputs,, this has to be done considering the IIS LVDS  clock support.

Matrix X SPDIF 3-2

Matrix X-SPDIF 3 also has a DoP conversion function. It converts DSD DoP to native DSD outputs. This brings native DSD support on supported DACs. X-SPDIF 3 has got a precisely designed low-noise power supply. It can take power from the connected source device. When you connect the X-SPDIF 3 to low-power devices such as smartphones, you can also connect an external power supply to power the device. Matrix Audio has designed the X-SPDIF 3 with a CNC-machined aluminum alloy chassis. It not only gives the device a premium finish, but also protects it against electromagnetic interferences, and also reduces mechanical vibrations greatly.

Matrix X SPDIF 3 comes at an attractive price of 499$, refer here.

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