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LZ HiFi A2 Pro: Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEMs With 3D Printed Ear Shells

LZ HiFi A2 Pro: Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEMs With 3D Printed Ear Shells

Lao Zhong Audio, widely known as LZ HiFi Audio is a HiFi audio equipment brand based in China. They specialize in the research and development of high-resolution In-ear monitors. They have a wide arsenal of IEMs under their name. Today, LZ Audio is introducing their latest triple driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors, the brand new LZ A2 Pro. It revives its famous A2 series with a classic triple driver hybrid configuration featuring a combination of a powerful dynamic driver and two Knowles Balanced Armature drivers on each side. The pair has 3D-printed pure resin shells with delightful beautiful face covers. The LZ A2 Pro is available to purchase from our store for just 139$, check out more details here.

LZ A2 Pro-1


>Three-Driver Hybrid Configuration.

>SAE Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>Two High-Performance Knowles BA Drivers.

>3D-Printed Resin Ear Shells.

>Lightweight & Comfortable.

>8-Strands 4N OFC & Silver-Plated OFC Hybrid Cable.

>Standard 0.78mm 2-Pin Connectors.

>3.5mm Termination Plug.

>Impedance: 15 ohm.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 108dB/mW.

>THD+N: <1%.

Relive The Classic:-

LZ HiFi is a well-reputed brand with many successful products in the audio industry. With the latest A2 Pro, LZ is reviving their classic A2 series of earphones that have garnered a lot of positive feedbacks. We hope to see a similar, energetic and powerful performance with the LZ A2 Pro.

LZ A2 Pro-2

Classic Triple-Driver Hybrid Configuration:-

LZ A2 Pro features a triple driver hybrid configuration consisting of a powerful SAE diaphragm dynamic driver and two Knowles high-performance balanced armature drivers. The dynamic driver here is tuned to produce a punchy, impactful lower end, while the two Knowles BA drivers are tuned for rich mid and high-frequency reproduction.

Exquisite Design & Brilliant Ergonomics With Lightweight Resin Shells:-

LZ HiFi has designed the earpieces for A2 pro using high-precision 3D printing technology. The shells here are made up of high-quality resin material that provides lightweight aesthetics while making the shell sturdy and solid. They have an ergonomic shape to them ensuring a comfy fit for its users. The shells have complementing yellow designer face covers for an exquisite look.

LZ A2 Pro-3

High-Quality Hybrid Cable For Excellent Sound:-

LZ HiFi A2 Pro is equipped with a high-purity hybrid cable. It is an 8-strand cable consisting of 4N OFC and silver-plated OFC cores. This cable synergizes well with the pair producing an outstanding experience for its users. It has 2-pin 0.78mm connectors for easy upgrade options.

Enjoy High-Resolution Music With Your Smartphone:-

LZ A2 pro is an easy power set of in-ear monitors. It has a low impedance of just 15 ohm and high sensitivity of 108dB/mW. Users will be able to enjoy high-quality music straight off their smartphones(provided it has a 3.5mm headphone jack) without worrying about additional hi-res devices.

LZ A2 Pro-4

Price & Availability:-

LZ A2 pro is available at an attractive price of just 139$. You can check out more details here.

As with all our orders, we offer free express worldwide shipping on orders above 500$. We also offer free priority shipping for selected regions for orders above 100$ check out more details on our shipping policy here.

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