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LZ A7 Premium Hybrid In-ear Monitors Now Available On Hifigo

LZ A7 Premium Hybrid In-ear Monitors Now Available On Hifigo

We are really happy to announce that we are launching the much-awaited LZ A7 pair of hybrid in-ear monitors on our online store at Hifigo.com starting today. LZ A7 is one of the most appreciated IEMs in the current market ever since it got launched last month. They offer a brilliant performance with multiple sound tuning filters, two sound output modes, and a variety of premium accessories included in the package. The pair got appreciations from multiple reviewers and users so far on various international forums including the head-fi.org. Now you can grab these ultimate pairs from our store at just 338$, check out more details here.

Meet the LZ A7:-

LZ A7-1

LZ is a very well known name among the audiophiles for their high-fidelity pairs of in-ear monitors. The LZ A7 is their latest offering featuring a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side(1*DD unit+ 4 Knowles BA units+ 2 Piezoelectric ceramic). It features multiple sound tuning nozzles and two way sound tuning switch on the earpieces. Users can easily adjust the sound output as per their personal preferences with ease.


>Powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side.

>Liquid crystal molecule coating composite diaphragm DD unit producing powerful low frequencies.

>Two Knowles BA units for mid frequencies.

>Two Knowles BA units for high frequencies.

>Two Piezoelectric ceramic units(7-layers of Piezoelectric parallel) for ultra-high frequencies.

>Frequency response range: 5Hz-40kHz.

>Impedance(Pop mode): 15Ω.

>Impedance(Monitor mode):13Ω.

>Sensitivity(Pop): 109dB/mW.

>Sensitivity(Monitor): 113dB/mW.

>THD+N: <1%.

>Universal MMCX connectors.

>High-purity 6N silver-plated single crystal copper cable.

>3.5mm single-ended termination plug.

Detailed Lively Sound Quality:-

LZ A7-2

The LZ A7 has a professional tuning with a powerful driver configuration. The custom composite Dynamic Driver unit produces an energetic lower end. Two Knowles Balanced Armature units provide outstanding lovely vocals with beautiful airy mid frequencies. Two Knowles Balanced Armature units produce crisp high-frequencies with lively treble portion. There are two 7-layered Piezoelectric ceramic drivers that produce smooth details in the ultra-high frequencies. These drivers are arranged in scientifically designed 4-way crossover to reduce the distortion caused by multiple drivers. The pair produces brilliant detailing with crisp high-resolution output making it the prominent choice for different genres of music.

Versatile Sound Tuning Capabilities:-

LZ A7-3

The LZ A7 comes with multiple sound tuning nozzles in the package(total of five different pairs). Along with these sound tuning nozzles the pair also features a two-way sound tuning switch on the front. This tuning switch has an option to choose between POP and MONITOR sound tuning profile. The POP switch brings the mid frequencies a bit upfront while the MONITOR mode provides a more balanced sound output. There are five different pairs of sound tuning nozzles in the package, Silver, Blue, Black, Gold, and Red.

Perfect Fit With Proper Isolation:-

LZ A7-4

The LZ A7 is designed with the utmost perfection to provide the best fit for its users. The earpieces are light in weight and have an ergonomic design making them sit firmly into the ears. With a firm sitting position, the earpieces cover the entire ear canal cutting down the environmental noises and providing good levels of noise isolation.

Easy To Drive:-

Don’t fear the high number of driver units, the LZ A7 is very easy to drive. The pair has an impedance rating of 15Ω at POP mode with 109dB sensitivity and impedance of 13Ω with a sensitivity of 113dB in MONITOR mode. It can be powered easily using smartphones and doesn’t require any special gear.

High-Purity Cable:-

The cable included in the package is of supreme quality. It is an 8-strands 6N silver-plated mono-crystalline copper cable with universal MMCX connectors and a 3.5mm unbalanced termination plug.

See what Reviewers have to say about the LZ A7:-

Audiofool Reviews:-

The A7 is very capable across pretty much all genres and can be as big a V or as flat a line as you want to make it and it does all of that well. If I could only have one IEM right now, this would be it because it can be about anything I want it to be, can be driven well with most sources, and sounds pretty fantastic regardless of which tuning is in use or which genre I am playing.

Read his full review here.


So here we have a pair of IEM’s that go head to head with the best I’ve got for fun (A6), vocals (3pro), reference (MT100), and value for money all-rounder (I3) all in one IEM with great flexibility. It sounds sublime with all kinds of music and can be tuned to mode or place of usage to be just right all the time. This is definitely the best implementation of a tuning system I’ve ever come across not only because it can be tuned for a different kind of music but the real magic is in the switches that let me enjoy them as much when riding the train or walking in the city (with enough bass) as in my favorite chair chilling at home (without too much bass), pure brilliance.

Read his full review on head-fi here.

LZ A7-5

So from the reviews above it is pretty evident that the LZ A7 is a brilliant sounding pair with a variety of features right under its sleeve. It checks every box in a perfect IEM, ergonomic design, smooth sound, tuning filters, tuning switches, premium accessories, easy on the pocket, and much more. Now you can grab these awesome in-ear monitors from our store at just 338$, check out more details here.

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