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LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera IEM Upgrade Modular Cable

LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera IEM Upgrade Modular Cable

Following the success of the limited edition Z12 IEM collaboration between LETSHUOER and Zeos, We are proudly presenting you with a brand-new collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews, presenting you all an all-new high-purity Modular IEM Upgrade Cable, the LETSHUOER X Zeos Chimera. This modular cable will come as a standard with the latest upcoming Z12 Gold Edition.

LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera-1

It has got a price tag of 59$ and will be available as a discount for a limited run. Check out more information over here.

Chimera improves the performance of your HiFi IEMs with its high-purity cores. The cable is made up of high-purity silver-plated single-crystal wire cores. It transmits a clean and precise audio signal with low internal resistance. The sound signal faces low impedance change and ensures the user gets pure signal transmissions with no coloration. The cable has a 128-strand configuration which makes it thick. With softer outer shielding, the cable is not hard and has a soft in-hand feel. It doesn’t tangle up easily.

LETSHUOER x Z Reviews Chimera-2

LETSHUOER x Zeos Chimera cable has got standard 2-pin connectors. It is compatible with all IEMs that use 0.78mm connectors. The cable features swappable termination plugs. Users can change the termination as they require. It will include a 3.5mm single-ended, a 4.4mm balanced, and another 2.5mm balanced termination plugs in the package.

LETSHUOER x Z Reviews Chimera-3

LETSHUOER X Zeos Chimera comes standard with the upcoming Z12 Gold Edition. But you can also purchase it separately from our store here.

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Kent - May 30, 2023

I ordered a Chimera cable, mostly because I wanted to run my earbuds balanced. The balanced cable does make quite a bit of difference, but sadly the angle of the part that goes over/behind your ear is so steep compared to the original cable that it pulls the buds into an angle where they dont seal properly. Basically to get anything out of these I need to hold them in place with my hands, which kinda defeats the purpose.

I tried bending them carefully but this just seems to cause the cable housing to crack.

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