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LETSHUOER M3: Latest Monocrystalline Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

LETSHUOER M3: Latest Monocrystalline Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

Lately, LETSHUOER has been active in the HiFi IEM market with their recent releases such as the S12, S12 Pro, D13, etc. The S12 series has got pretty solid reviews as well. Today, LETSHUOER has released its high-purity stock cable that they usually bundle with the premium EJ07M flagship hybrid IEMs, presenting the all-new LETSHUOER M3. M3 is capable of bringing improvements to your IEMs with its high-purity core configuration offering low internal resistance to the sound signal. If you are looking for a high-purity copper cable for your IEMs, the LETSHUOER M3 is an amazing choice!!


The M3 is available as 2-pin 0.78mm connectors with a choice of termination between 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs. It is launched officially for 69.99$, check more information here.

LETSHUOER has chosen the best quality components for its premium cable designed specifically for its flagship IEMs. The latest M3 is designed with high-purity single-crystal copper wire strands with a total of 204 strands in a dual-core configuration. The dual-core design makes the cable lightweight and easy to handle, unlike thicker 8 and 16-core cables. The cable has high-quality imported PVC outer sheathing that protects the wire from accidental damage and also gives it a soft in-hand feel.


LETSHUOER has designed the M3 with standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors making it compatible with a huge range of IEMs. The cable offers a choice between 3.5mm and 4.4mm terminations to its buyers. At 69.99$, the LETSHUOER M3 is a fabulous IEM upgrade cable designed for a premium experience!!

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