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Latest Announcement for the DX160 2020 Ver.

Latest Announcement for the iBasso DX160 2020 Ver.

iBasso recently announced a 2020 variant of the DX160. While retaining the familiar slick appearance, the update comes with a few minor improvements.

The DX160 is a mid range Android DAP player that features 2xCS43198 DAC chips and has a beautiful 1080p display. It is one of the few DAPs that come with Android 8.1 Oreo for longer app compatibility. There are two audio output sockets, 4.4mm Pentaconn and standard 3.5mm. Like many high end DAPs it does feature MQA decoding if you have MQA files or if you are using Hifi Tidal streaming it will stream at full MQA instead of partial MQA Master. One of my favorite features about the DX160 is the rotary encoder dial, which really makes owning a DAP feel special. In addition, it is the only portable DAP that supports Bluetooth 5.0. The body feels slick and premium with front and rear glass panels along with a sturdy CNC'd aluminum frame. 

Lastly, the DX160 uses an unspecified Octa-core Rockchip SOC (We presume it is the same as the DX220’s RK3368). Performance here is not the best but it is just enough for a dedicated audio player.

Improved features: 

  1. Changes to the buffer include a higher slew rate, wider bandwidth, and a higher current output, resulting in higher power output.

    2. The 3.5mm output has been changed to a CTIA standard 3.5mm output meaning that headphone cables with microphones built-in are now supported.

    3. Display panel manufacturer change: Resolution and size remain seemingly unchanged from the 5-Inch 1080p LCD by Sharp, now to a 5-Inch 1080p LCD by JDI (Japan Display Inc). Brightness and contrast have not been specified.

As a minor improvement to the previous year’s model, the price remains the same as the 2019 launch price. The few hardware updates do improve the device’s capabilities, however, I wish iBasso would have postponed this early update for a grander all-around update. 

Pre-orders for the 2020 variant begin on March 20th until April 10th. The first batch will only be included in black. The other colors will be available on April 10th.

If you pre-order through Hifi-Go and share your impressions online on the 2020 DX160 you will receive a free iBasso CA02 adapter (2.5mm Balanced Female to 4.4mm Pentaconn Balanced Male). You can share a link to your review/impression by messaging Hifigo on Facebook or emailing us at support@hifigo.com
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