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KZ SA08 Pro: Latest TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Earphones With Multi-BA Driver Configuration

KZ SA08 Pro: Latest TWS Bluetooth V5.2 Earphones With Multi-BA Driver Configuration

KZ Acoustics, commonly known as KZ needs no introduction. They are known to every audio enthusiast as believe it or not most of us have tried/owned their products. We believe they have one of the largest collections of offerings in the industry covering mainly the budget segment. Today, we are here to announce the latest release from KZ. This time, they have come up with brand new high-resolution TWS earphones, presenting the all-new KZ SA08 Pro.

KZ SA08 Pro-1

KZ SA08 Pro has got an attractive price tag of just 73$, you can check out more information here.

KZ SA08 brings you a high-resolution sound experience with eight balanced armature driver configurations on the pair. It houses four balanced armature drivers on each side consisting of high-performance 29736, 29789, and 22955 balanced armature driver units. The drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency crossover for clean, precise sound performance. KZ SA08 Pro is tuned to deliver quality sound performance suitable for different genres of music.

KZ SA08 Pro-2

SA08 Pro houses Qualcomm’s latest QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset that brings the latest Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. KZ has featured high-resolution Apt-X transmission on the SA08 Pro. KZ has also featured DSP Digital Signal Processing Technology on the SA08 Pro. DSP takes full benefit of the featured all-BA driver configuration and premium Bluetooth Chipset delivering quality sound that matches the sound performance of other premium wired in-ear monitors.

KZ SA08 Pro-3

The pair has got exquisite build with medical-grade resin shells, and designer face covers. It has an ergonomic design that helps in providing a comfy fit for most users out there. You not only get a beautiful-looking shell design for the SA08 Pro, but it also comes with a beautiful-looking charging case as well. The charging case has a transparent window on the top cover that allows you to easily check the led indicator and earphones inside the case. KZ SA08 Pro has got an extended battery life of up to 24 hours with the charging case.

KZ SA08 Pro-4

With Carefully adjusted sound tuning, the SA08 Pro is compatible with most musical genres out there. The pair also has a dedicated gaming mode that delivers improved clarity and imaging characteristics in the output signal. KZ SA08 Pro can be controlled easily using smart touch sensitive control. The face cover area on both he shells serve you as a button. It allows the user to easily access different functions including power on/off, activate voice assistant, answer/hangup calls, song selection, etc.

KZ SA08 Pro has been introduced at an attractive price tag of 73$, you can refer here for more information and details.

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