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KZ Introduces PR1 Pro: Second-Generation Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs!!

KZ Introduces PR1 Pro: Second-Generation Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs!!

Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs have been a hit this year. Different brands including LETSHUOER, DUNU, Celest, etc. have joined hands with the Planar Magnetic Driver Technology. A few weeks ago, KZ Acoustics, commonly known as KZ, also released its own Planar driver IEMs, they named it the PR1. The pair brought us a taste of a planar magnetic driver with its self-developed 13.2mm planar driver unit. Today, KZ has introduced its latest successor to the PR1. With an optimized planar magnetic driver, presenting the all-new KZ PR1 Pro.

KZ PR1 Pro-1

KZ PR1 Pro is launched officially for 80.99$, you can check out more information here.

Based on the previous PR1 Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs, KZ has optimized the driver for improved driveability and enhanced sound performance. The PR1 Pro comes equipped with this new second-generation 13.2mm planar magnetic driver. With its optimized driver unit, the PR1 Pro is easier to drive and produces crisp sound resolution & performance. The detail retrieval is also said to be better than the PR1 and the high-frequency response is denser than the OG PR1. With the PR1 Pro, Users will be able to enjoy their music with the goodness of Planar on the PR1 Pro. Be prepared to experience your favorite music in a smooth, and precise manner.

KZ has featured an exquisite, premium design with the PR1 Pro. The ear shells are lightweight and ergonomic. They are made up of skin-friendly resin cavities with lightweight metallic alloy face covers. The overall look and finish of the PR1 Pro is simply amazing, hitting way above its price tag in terms of looks. The pair comes packed with a high-quality stock cable. It’s a high-purity 8-strand 200-core silver-plated IEM cable with 0.75mm 2-pin connectors and a standard 3.5mm single-ended termination plug. The package also includes their tjeeer

KZ PR1 Pro-2

KZ PR1 Pro brings us a taste of high-end sound with its premium Planar Magnetic Driver. Know more about the KZ PR1 Pro here.

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