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KZ AZ15: Brand New Bluetooth V5.2 True Wireless Adapters with Qualcomm QCC3046 Processor

KZ AZ15: Brand New Bluetooth V5.2 True Wireless Adapters with Qualcomm QCC3046 Processor

KZ has regularly released high-fidelity audio accessories, primarily Bluetooth adapters. There are several famous models in the market from KZ including the KZ AZ09, AZ10, etc. Today, KZ has introduced its brand new pair of True Wireless Bluetooth Ear Hooks, the KZ AZ15. KZ Acoustics needs no introduction today in the market. They are probably the biggest manufacturers and marketers of affordable IEMs worldwide. The latest AZ15 is designed with top-quality components to ensure high-quality performance with your IEMs. Easily take your IEMs and make them truly wireless with the brand-new KZ AZ15.

KZ AZ15-1

KZ AZ15 Bluetooth Ear Hooks have a price tag of 48$ only, know more details here.

Equipped with the latest Qualcomm QCC3046 Bluetooth processor chip does wonders for the AZ15. It brings upgraded Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity with a more stable connection and better battery efficiency. AZ15 supports high-resolution wireless signal transmission with AptX/SBC/AAC protocols. Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity offers better connectivity range, stable connection with the source device, and lag-free proper synchronization between audio and video making the AZ15 an ideal wireless adapter for both music as well as movies/gaming requirements.

KZ AZ15-2

KZ AZ15 has three different operation modes, Standard, Gaming, and Full-power. Standard mode is our standard mode with balanced performance between battery efficiency and audio quality, Gaming mode offers low-latency performance achieving ultra-low 40ms latency, and the Full-power mode is for best quality audio performance with an enhanced lower-end. These modes are easily switchable by simply clicking three times on the left earpiece.

KZ AZ15-4

AZ15 has the dual-host feature, allowing each of the ear hooks to be used independently. They offer improved connectivity and stable performance than the previous generation of ear hooks by KZ. KZ has also featured an HD microphone with cVc noise-reduction technology. It captures a clear voice and enables a crisp calling experience even in noisy environments.

KZ AZ15-3

With proper optimizations and the latest generation Bluetooth chipset, the KZ AZ15 supports a large capacity battery for extended battery life. One full charge on the ear hooks provides up to 6 hours of battery and with the charging case, this gets increased to up to 54 hours. Simply charge it once and forget about it for a week!! It’s available with standard 2-pin connectors for easy connectivity with most IEMs out there. KZ AZ15 is priced at just 48$, and it has the ultimate strength to make our high-quality IEMs go wireless. You can check out more details here.

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